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Stock Project Update

Dan Gilligan
14 May 2018 3min read

We have been quieter than we aim to be on this blog in recent weeks, but it has not been from want of activity in the Kobas engine room.

Our developers have been working on a complete overhaul of our stock system, starting from scratch, and rebuilding from the ground up.

As an entirely new system, we unfortunately cannot introduce it in the incremental updates that we normally aim for, which also means that we will need to perform a total switchover once the project is complete.


As a mostly ‘back-end’ task, this work is primarily unseen. The architecture that upholds our stock system is being totally rewritten, but the ‘front-end’ user interface will remain largely unchanged; except for a new ingredient manager and new stock check page.

The key changes that we are making are the introduction of:

  • Multiple Suppliers for the same ingredient.
  • Different pack sizes for the same ingredient.
  • First In, First Out (FIFO) reporting.

Ingredient Manager

Multiple Suppliers

With the need to support these new features, our front-end team have created an all-new ingredient manager, introducing the ‘multiple suppliers’ concept.

The screenshot above shows an ingredient with two separate “supplies”; each coming from a different supplier with a different price.

In the new system, whenever this ingredient is used in a recipe, counted in a stock check, or transferred between your venues, Kobas will automatically calculate the cost of that usage, based on FIFO and stock movement within your venue.

Guide Prices

With multiple supplies, comes multiple prices. If you’d like to ensure consistency when creating recipes then our all-new guide price function will allow you to set a default cost that will always be used as a theoretical price in recipe creation, giving you immediate insight if your supplier’s actual prices start creeping up!

Price History

Only a tiny change, but one that will definitely come in handy; any price movement will be accompanied with an arrow indicating its direction. Hopefully you will see more green than red!

This is the largest visual change that will be taking place with this switch-over and we are looking forward to getting it out there. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

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