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Stock Project Update: Phase 1 Complete

Dan Gilligan
19 Jul 2018 3min read

Our engineering team recently concluded their work on the first phase of our stock project, which means that the building blocks of the Kobas stock system – ingredients, products, and EPoS Items – have all been redesigned to cater for multiple suppliers.

Not only this, but our tech wizards have designed a tool that converts all the existing data in our current stock system and transposes that for use in our new system; this means that not only will our users be able to unleash the powers of our new features, but they will do so without missing a beat, and with all of their historical data intact.

Onto the visible changes:


Our Product editor has been in need of some love and so we’ve totally rewritten the page. Whilst there isn’t a huge difference in functionality just yet, beyond the support for multiple suppliers, it lays the foundation for some more exciting changes that will be inbound in the future.

Ingredient Picker

Our new ingredient picker might not look too different from the old, but it’s a clever bit of kit. The parent/child relationship that we’ve introduced for our ingredients mean that you can order the same bottle of vodka from multiple suppliers, but have only a single “Vodka” ingredient for use in recipe creation and stock usage. This picker will use the power of First In, First Out (FIFO) to work out which vodka “child” is being used, whenever you request a transfer or perform a stock check.

With that concludes our work on the ‘nouns’. Our team have made tangible progress with the ‘verbs’; orders, deliveries, transfers, and stock checks. It is here that the magic will happen, as our new FIFO system will automatically ascertain which instance of an ingredient is being used saving plenty of time and hassle for your front-line staff, and making sure that stock usage is recorded accurately and efficiently.

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