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QSRs – How to save time and make money with Kobas

Daisy Lang
04 Aug 2016 3min read

Manage your team, control your operations, and delight your customers using Kobas. With our cloud based back of house management software, front of house EPoS application and fully integrated loyalty offering, we aim to be the best hospitality management solution out there – no matter what kind of operation you run.

If you’re running a QSR venue or group, check out our top features to help you save time, reduce waste, track costs and increase sales.

Centralised menu management

Kobas lets you create and maintain a centralised EPoS menu to be utilised in all your venues. This means it’s incredibly quick and easy to make a change and have it available across your group, for example adding a new PLU or updating a price. Need a different halal menu, or have different pricing in your Central London stores? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

Customer facing EPoS screens

Customer facing screens are hardware additions for your tills and provide a fantastic opportunity for promotional and upsell messaging to be presented to your customers, at point of sale. Their content can be managed easily and centrally via Kobas Cloud and it takes seconds to add or remove a slide from the rotating presentation – allowing you to get that new special in front of your guests from the moment it launches.

Central kitchen support

If you have a large number of venues or some especially compact ones, you may decide that a central kitchen production facility is the most cost effective way for you to keep your stores stocked. Kobas includes full stock transfer support, allowing your stores to place orders with the central kitchen and have those fulfilled just like a delivery from an external supplier, while you keep tabs on stock and operations across the board.

Loyalty scheme

Encourage repeat visits and increased spend from your customers with Kobas loyalty. You’ll get a branded site allowing guests to sign up and access their loyalty accounts – eliminating the need for costly physical loyalty cards (though we support those too). Offer sign up incentives and automatically grant rewards when points thresholds are met to thank to your customers for being loyal to your brand.

Rota templating

With our rotas system you can easily create a shift template, allowing for rapid rota completion each week, in line with approved staffing levels. Track figures such as labour spend by category and revenue per labour hour on your rotas to ensure you’re running a tight ship.


Kobas includes extensive reporting in many areas, allowing you to get a clear picture of your business at any point, from anywhere. Whether it’s an end of day trade summary for each venue, or a detailed breakdown of stock usage, analysing theory, actual, GP, control gap and much more – go as high level, or as zoomed in as you need to with Kobas.


Even if your venues are franchised, Kobas could still be a great choice for your business. Our franchise functionality allows each franchisee to manage their staff and operations independently from one another, but you have the added security of all the data being under one roof and available to you at any time.

Of course there’s much, much more included in Kobas than just this! Contact us now to arrange a demo and find out how Kobas could change the way you do business.

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