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New faces, new spaces

Neil Mukerji
09 Oct 2015 3min read

We’re going through some exciting times here at Kobas HQ. In the last month we’ve increased our team size by 50% and doubled our office space in London. Today is the first day we’ve managed to get the whole team in the office at once, and so we’ve had a little photo shoot.

In this post I’d like to introduce some new faces and show you around both our old space and the two adjoining units we’ve just expanded into.

Let’s start with a sensible photo of the team in our new space. Our building is a lovely old foundry in the heart of Southwark, boasting high ceilings, exposed brickwork and views of the city – most prominently The Shard.

The Whole Team

So let’s introduce ourselves starting with the oldest faces in all senses. Here are James (on the left) and me. We’ve worked together on and off for over a decade, and we’ve just realised we’ve been working on Kobas together for nearly 3 years now.

James and Neil

Now meet Alex, Vit, Jesse and Robin. These guys write our software. You can trust them. Really.


Finally here are our product and account management team: Rohan, Dan, Chris, Daisy and Luke.

Product and Account Team

And why not throw in some behind the scenes shots too?

Now we’ve got new faces and new spaces, we’re looking forward to making some incredible improvements to Kobas over the coming months. Go team!


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