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March Madness – PDQ Edition

Dan Gilligan
31 Mar 2017 3min read

We’ve been quiet on the social media front recently, but that doesn’t mean we’ve not been busy.

With more than half of the team out of the office on installs recently, Kobas HQ has recently switched between a warehouse and a ghost ship; if we’re honest, it’s been a bit of a tip as well, at times!

Now that normal service has been resumed, we’ve been able to collate all the updates that we’ve pushed out recently.

This month, our focus has switched from the usual software onto hardware integrations. Following this work, there are now a number of new devices, big and small, that are compatible with Kobas EPoS.

First up, Lead Engineer, Sean and Fearless Leader, James worked long into the night to support the J2 Aures 650 till.

Ingenico Network PDQs – iPad Support

Fresh from that success, Sean went it alone to integrate Ingenico Network PDQs with Kobas EPoS.

This work means that it is now possible to integrate Ingenico PDQs not only with Kobas fixed till units, but also with iPads running Kobas EPoS. If you’re using iPads and you’re interested in getting this running at your venues, please get in touch at

Cash Back On Integrated PDQs

If you’re running Ingenico’s network devices, it’s now possible to take cash back with integrated PDQs. When your customer keys in the amount of cash back they want, your PDQ will send a message to the till informing your staff how much cash back to provide.

Once the transaction is complete, your server will update the expected cash and card totals for the session accordingly, meaning that you’ll never have a variance; we’ll also send that information directly to your daily cash declaration.

Accounts made easy!

Automatic Order Notifications

After an order has been placed within Kobas, there has always been an option to send that order to any email address, using the “Send this order” button.

We’ve now added a feature to Administration > Stock Suppliers that allows you to assign an email address to receive automatic notification of any orders placed with that supplier, giving you peace of mind that your supplier will always receive the order in good time.

That’s the majority of what we’ve worked on over the past few weeks. We’ll be looking to get back to various cloud updates over the coming month, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

In the meantime, if you’re a current Kobas customer and you’ve any questions please get in touch with support, or if you’re interested in using Kobas, get in touch here.

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