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From job ad to GM – join up the whole recruitment journey with Kobas

Daisy Lang
03 Nov 2016 3min read

Your team is arguably the single most important asset of your hospitality business. From job application to high flyer in one of your venues, Kobas can make things easy at all stages of the journey.

It’s vital you recruit the right staff, quickly and efficiently, and that those people get a great impression of your business from the get go. Kobas can save you hundreds of hours on your recruitment processes, ensure you’re complying to legalities and best practices, and create a full HR record for someone all the way from applicant to long standing employee. Here’s how to do it.


Kobas can create a custom branded recruitment site for you, on a URL of your choice. It forms the first Kobas touchpoint for your potential new recruits, and can include whatever information you want about your company. This can help ensure your culture and expectations are aligned with your applicants’ from day one.

Set up job listings for any positions you’re recruiting for and assign them to the relevant venue. Applicants can peruse the whole list on your recruitment site and apply for whichever role appeals to them.

As part of the job ad set up, you can create a series of custom questions to be completed during the application. These can be used to extract any specific information you’d like from candidates to help with screening, and they can also be set up as kill questions. A kill question is an automatic “thanks, but sorry this isn’t going to work out” which can automatically filter applicants based on their answer. This mitigates against you spending vast amounts of time sifting through applicants who are obviously unsuitable, for example if someone does not have the right to work in your country or needs a particular certification for a role.


Once applications have been submitted, these are recorded in your Kobas account and can be reviewed at any time. We support a multi-stage recruitment progression process to help you track all candidates on their journey and can also keep them informed on how they’ve gotten on. This process includes phone interviews, in-person interviews and trial shifts in venues, where applicants can be progressed or rejected at each stage.

This system means you can access any candidate info at any stage in the process and see notes and logs on their recruitment progress. When your most brilliant candidates reach job offer stage, one click of a button will progress them from applicant to new starter, with all of their personal details already in the system and primed for them to come onboard and start work.


A staff profile in Kobas forms a one stop shop for all info about your employee and contains a number of new starter tasks that you (or your venue managers) can complete as part of your new starter onboarding. Once you’ve decided to hire someone, the next stage is to add more detailed personal information (next of kin, bank details etc) to the staff profile. You can also sign off things such as right to work and health and safety briefings to ensure your responsibilities as an employer are fulfilled and the appropriate paper trail is documented.

Spend a small amount of time at this stage assigning your new recruit a venue, their relevant skills, pay details, tronc weight and holiday allowance etc and they’ll have everything they need sorted for their whole future career with you.

You can also log training courses in Kobas, such as COSHH, food safety or first aid. These can be added to a staff profile, and when your new recruit has completed the course, add a scan of their certificate, along with notes and scores which can be viewed at any time.


Once all the i’s have been dotted and the t’s crossed, it’s time for your new starter to do what they came here for – putting their skills to fantastic use delighting your guests! It’s easy to add staff to a venue’s rota and Kobas automatically calculates their pay and share of tips, based on their clock in/out times and venue performance. We even integrate with Sage Payroll, making it really straightforward to jump the gap between the two systems and remunerate your team with ease.

All of your team members get a Kobas account with a login which allows them to access their rotas, as well as any sections of the application they need to perform their role, such as stock takes, or daily in-venue tasks. With a centralised source of information for everyone which can be accessed from anywhere, your whole company stays on the same page.

Manage ongoing HR by adding and tracking regular staff reviews and appraisals on their profiles. Kobas also has incident and performance action logging, with guidance for your management staff on the procedures required by law when there’s an employee concern.

As a team member develops with your business, you can easily add new skills to their profile, adjust their pay or tronc rate, give them access to more of the Kobas platform, or even move them to a different venue. We go the whole journey with you – from job ad to GM, and beyond!

Want to hear more about how Kobas can join up your business operations? Or maybe you’re an existing customer looking to get started with Kobas recruitment? Either way, drop us a line to find out more.

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