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Introducing Kobas EPoS

Neil Mukerji
22 Jul 2013 3min read

KOBAS can work with nearly any till system. The most basic integration we need is a Till Z report, but the tighter the integration, the more control Kobas offers your business.

This summer though, we’ve rustled up the ultimate EPoS companion for your Kobas account – our very own Kobas EPoS!

KOBAS EPoS @Exchequer

Now proven in a wet-led London cocktail bar chain and a prestigious Hampshire pub chain, we feel it’s high time to unveil our latest reason to entrust Kobas with your operating needs.

Key features

  • Create and manage your own menus and prices in Kobas Cloud from anywhere.
  • Automatically or manually download and deploy these menus to your venues.
  • Up to 630 saleable items (up to 9 pages of up to 70 items).
  • Easy to manage item configuration options (e.g. spirit mixers, meal sauces or steak cooking options).
  • Will run on nearly any hardware – from traditional touch-screen terminals to iPads.
  • Print bills, receipts or work dockets to any network or USB printer.
  • PIN restriction so staff sales can be easily tracked.
  • Clock in/out and break logging.
  • Full tab/table support.

Terminal and iPads

What’s involved?
You provide the hardware, but we can source it all for you if need be. You can probably re-use anything you’ve already got. A typical minimum is a server, a touch-screen till and thermal receipt printer attached to a cash drawer. This is typically embellished with an iPad and a network printer back of house, some iPad minis for serving staff, and more tills, receipt printers and cash drawers as suits a larger venue.

We come and install it all and hook it up to your Kobas Cloud account. You’ll also need an Internet connection for synchronising with Kobas Cloud, but it isn’t required for core EPoS operations.

What does it cost?
The minimum level of hardware typically comes in at around £1,500. We can quite possibly reuse any existing hardware you’ve already got. We charge £100 per venue per month on top of your usual Kobas fees. It’s that simple.

KOBAS EPoS at Adventure

Want to know more?
We’re really excited about this. Here’s a first-class, industry leading EPoS system available at an incredible price point. It’s fully backed by Kobas Cloud. We can’t think of a better solution, and we’d love to tell you more about it. So if you’re interested don’t hesitate to get in touch!

holding mini ipad

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