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Hours Export Update – Offline Reporting

Dan Gilligan
01 Apr 2016 3min read

If you’ve run an hours export in the last 24 hours, you will have noticed that the page looks very different to how it used to look. This is because we have completely changed the manner in which we process the generation of this report, and it lays the foundation for improving all of the reports in Kobas.

offline hours

Offline Reports

Most reports in Kobas are currently generated “while-you-wait,” which means that your web browser is waiting for Kobas to process all of the calculations needed to generate the data you request.

The new hours export page now sends a request to your server for this information to be generated behind the scenes, allowing you to spend your time on something else. So, if your connection drops after you have requested a report, then there is no need to worry, as the report is being generated elsewhere.

You can even click off the page, close your browser, and check back later to see that your report has generated. This is especially useful for larger reports which can sometimes take several minutes to generate.

offline hours 2

The main benefits of this change are twofold.

Firstly, once a report has been generated, it is permanently saved. This can save your whole team a lot of time, as once one person has generated the report, anyone with access to this page will be able to instantly access the information. Please note that this means the reports are accurate at the time of generation, so any changes you make afterwards will render the report out of date.

The second major benefit is that we have greatly increased the capacity of this page, meaning that you can generate much larger reports, over much larger periods of time. As we bring this new technology to other sections of Kobas, you will find a much faster, smoother, and more satisfying user experience.

As your business grows, so does Kobas!

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