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DesignMyNight Integration

Genevieve Fontanilla
06 Feb 2019 3min read

We are, once again, delighted to announce our newest integration; this time with DesignMyNight, the go-to guide and online booking system for all things London and other major cities.

At its core, this integration allows for bookings made through DesignMyNight to be pushed to your venue’s EPoS. Once a booking is made, details such as the customer’s full name, the date and time of the booking, a cover count, the deposit amount, and the booking reference number, are pushed through to your Kobas Reservations and a tab is automatically created upon check-in.

Enabling DesignMyNight Integration

Getting it set up is simple. All you need to do is access Administration > Integration Settings > Reservations on Kobas Cloud. Tick the checkbox and your API Credentials will be revealed that you will need to supply to your DesignMyNight Account Manager. Click the icon next to API Credentials to copy. 

Note that there are two integration settings: push only bookings with deposits, or push all bookings. You will need to specify to your DesignMyNight Account Manager which booking you would like pushed to your EPoS.

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As soon as DesignMyNight have implemented the settings and confirmed them, then the integration is complete.

That’s all for now! If you’d like some help getting this set up in your account, please get in touch with our Support Team

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