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Create the perfect burger deal for National Burger Day!

Chris Young
24 Aug 2016 3min read

On 25th August this year, the UK celebrates the annual National Burger Day; surely the most delicious date on the calendar.

If burgers are on your menu, then what better way to celebrate than to create the ultimate burger deal? Here are three ways that Kobas can help you draw your customers in with the irresistible promise of the perfect burger.


Perfect Preparation Instructions

Consistency is key to making the perfect burger every time, so why not make sure you have a foolproof step by step reference for your staff to follow?

Set up your burger PLU by going to EPoS > Item (PLU) Manager and creating a new PLU. You’ll notice that there is a “Preparation Instructions” tab, where you can enter formatted instructions on the perfect burger technique for your staff’s reference.

If your staff need to refresh their memory on your foolproof recipe, they can go to EPoS > Item (PLU) Manager and click “View” beside the PLU to view your guide.

burger prep

Make it a meal with Post Item Selection Configuration

Post Item Selection Configuration allows you to easily add items for a meal deal, let your customer stack their burger with extra ingredients, or let the kitchen know how rare the customer wants their burger.

Simply set the question, and add the answers! You can set the extra ingredient usage for each answer (100g fries, 350ml coke etc), and any associated price increases.

Find your PLU and add the group to the “Post Item Selection Config” tab and you are set.

Create a discount on the day

In the spirit of National Burger Day, why not set up a 20% off discount for your customers on the day?

Go to EPoS > Discount Manager and create a new discount. Select “__% off certain item(s)”, set it to 20, and choose the burgers that are eligible for the discount.

Of course, this doesn’t need to be limited to National Burger Day. If you use Kobas Loyalty, you could set up a 20% off burger voucher that will be awarded automatically when loyalty customers reach a certain points threshold.

If you want to find out more about how Kobas has the tools to provide the perfect deal for your customers, then please get in touch today.

I don’t know about you, but all this burger talk is making me hungry!

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