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Rarebreed Dining




Steak restaurants founded in 2014
Powered by Kobas since 2015



Sector: Restaurants
4 venues across Surrey and Berkshire


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Rarebreed Dining was founded in 2014 by Jordan Hallows, simply because he wanted to eat high quality British steak, with exceptional cocktails and English wines in his home county of Surrey. One year later he had a business plan, a site, a talented young chef (John Sparks), and the finances to open The Plough Inn.

With continued success, the team went onto open further venues including The Shurlock Inn in 2016, The Core Stores in 2018, and The Waverley Inn opening in 2020.

Each venue has the same goal – creating a rare experience based around their core values of: Quality, Fresh, Passion, British, Care, Friendly, Knowledge & Dynamic. As for what’s on the menu, Rarebreed Dining take great pride in their steaks, serving up house aged meats, a robata grill and locally sourced ingredients. Aside from high-quality food, the team also serve up an approachable service style for each and every guest, alongside a diverse wine list and unique and classic cocktails, all with a Rarebreed twist.


Rarebreed Dining didn’t face any challenges prior to using Kobas and that’s because we’ve been their technology partner from the very beginning of their journey! Jordan Hallows met Kobas CEO, James O’Sullivan back in 2014 when Kobas was in its infancy. At this time, the idea of using a smaller company appealed to Jordan as it promised a personal experience paired with quicker service levels – important qualities for busy hospitality operations.

Kobas centralises all management processes

With Kobas, user-friendly hospitality EPoS is only the start of what the team benefit from. With access to an all-encompassing system, Rarebreed Dining is able to use as much or as little as needed. Over the years, the scalability offered means they have been able to extend their tech stack in line with their business growth and evolving requirements. And, without switching systems or using costly integrations often required to fill product gaps.

As for the management tools they benefit from most, Stock Management is at the top of their list. By using a centralised stock system across all venues, the team are able to streamline their stock ordering, stock checks, supplier management, menu management, and much more.

Rarebreed Dining also benefit from:

• Business-critical data is pulled from all areas of Kobas and into a detailed reporting suite. This provides management at Rarebreed Dining with a single source of truth and an array of valuable insights across all key areas at venue and estate level.
• Our web-based customer app for Customer Loyalty helps the business to drive repeat visits through engaging rewards.
• A variety of Staff Management tools are utilised to efficiently manage key workforce processes including rotas.
• The same five star service they’ve recieved since 2015!

“We are looking to grow quickly in the next couple of years with more sites on the horizon and we feel Kobas is suited to help us along this journey and there hasn’t been a time we have thought about changing.”

Sam Reed
Operations Manager, Rarebreed Dining

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