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Kobas  Cloud

Efficient operations lead to more profitable and scalable businesses

No one gets into hospitality because they love data entry and spreadsheets, but that’s the reality for many operators when they start out. Fast forward a few months, and hours of management and senior staff time is being lost to these spreadsheets in an effort to generate vital business reports. Kobas helps you work smarter in nearly every aspect of your operation, saving countless labour hours and letting your team do what they do best – service your customers.

Kobas is built on the principle that frequent small and simple tasks are more likely to be completed accurately and on time, which can then build on each other to give a rich and detailed view of the business. As a Cloud based system, Kobas can be worked on, or viewed, from any internet connected device, anywhere in the world. It also offers real-time data so you can feel connected to the business no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Kobas has systems to manage all the big things in your business
  • Ingredient list with multiple suppliers and pack sizes of an ingredient
  • Supplier order creation
  • Delivery receiving
  • Internal transfers
  • Stock counts and line checks
  • Item recipes and configuration options

Following a £250,000 investment in our stock control software, Kobas now offers an industry-leading FIFO (first in, first out) asset tracking at both actual and theoretical levels, allowing for pinpoint usage and cost analysis, while handling multiple suppliers per ingredient, batch transfers, nested batch products, and much more.

Daily Tasks

On a day to day basis, we have set of processes and procedures that ensure all your venues follow the same structure and therefore give you data in the same format for quick and accurate analysis. It covers things like:

  • Safe counts
  • Till floats
  • Health & safety checks
  • Petty cash
  • Cash / card reconciliation
  • Trading handovers

These relatively small tasks, done in real-time, build into a comprehensive set of a reports and alerts the give you maximum output with less effort that you’re probably putting in at the moment.

Introducing the Kobas Stock System

The Kobas Stock System is a one of a kind stock manager that tracks actual and theoretical usage of every ingredient container through your business. From each delivery, through any transfers and batches created, Kobas can trace the origin of all ingredients contained within the dishes and drinks your customers consume. The result is powerful cost analysis and accountability that is second to none.


Kobas Stock Control Cycle

Such valuable analysis requires accurate information, and gathering that necessitates simple, easy to follow, processes that minimise errors and make the best use of your team’s time. This is exactly how the Kobas stock control system operates: establish your ingredients, which can optionally form the base of batches, and then those ingredients and batches are applied to your item recipes. These items can be placed onto one or more menus, before assigning the menu to a venue with a price band.

The Kobas stock control system then tracks the cost and use of ingredients, batches and sale items around the whole of your estate in real time. By applying a First-In-First-Out (FIFO) principle, Kobas tracks every item in every delivery, so that you always know the actual cost of each sale, and discrepancies are quick and easy to track down.

The ingredient setup not only allows you to note primary and alternative suppliers, but you’re also able to flag any allergens contained within it. As you make your item recipes, this allergen information filters through, along with costs that give a real-time margin and GP position. You’re also able to add creation instructions to ensure product consistency across all staff and venues.

Allergens and Dietary Information

Letting your customers know what allergens are in which ingredients has never been more important, and Kobas comes with a customer facing portal to help. Customers are able to see a live version of your menu, select their allergen and dietary requirements, and the Kobas customer portal highlights the items that meet their requirements.

Managing Your Inventory

Ordering, transferring and using stock within your business is one of the most time consuming and least enjoyable tasks your managers have to do in their work week. It takes them away from shop floor where they enhance your customers’ experience and forces them to do hours of data entry and form filling.

The operational control tools in Kobas take much of the tedium out of these processes, shorten the time taken and improve their accuracy. In return you get a lower wage bill, happier staff and management influencing the important aspects of your business – resulting in more sales and profit.

Orders and Deliveries

Placing orders with suppliers couldn’t be easier with our ordering system. Pre-defined rules allow you to restrict what a manager can order and our intelligent prediction tools, call it Ordering AI if you like, help ensure they order enough, but not too much, every time. As a Cloud based system, you can place your orders from anywhere, and once it’s complete, the order is instantly transmitted to your supplier. This alone can save many staff hours and hundreds of pounds in holding stock costs.

When the order is delivered, Kobas once again has the tools you need to accept goods into the business. Using a tablet, the delivery can be checked against the order in real-time, any changes in quantity and cost are flagged and recorded, and a scan of the delivery note can be attached by using the device camera. Simple, accurate, accountable and always up to date.

Stock Checks

The final, and often most disliked, part of the stock cycle is the stock check. Even here Kobas makes the process significantly smoother. Kobas Cloud’s Stock Check functionality is optimised for use on a tablet allowing your team to directly enter stock check information as they go, even where Wi-Fi reception is usually a limitation.

The benefits of this direct entry are considerable. Compared to the old-fashioned process of printing off a stock list, noting counts down and later re-entering this information into a desktop PC, Kobas saves materials and considerable labour time. Additionally, Kobas permits stock quantities to be entered in any combination of whole multi-packs, individual item counts and even ml/g measurements for part units, and so by automating this mathematics Kobas helps to eliminate mistakes and minimise labour costs.


If your business has a central kitchen (CPU), or transfers stock between sites, Kobas has precisely the system you need to accurately record these movements. Trading venues can select the ingredients or batch prepared products they require in just the same way they place an order from a supplier, and a transfer request is sent to the supplying venue.

Kobas Cloud provides a Transfer Fulfilment Manager which allows your team to monitor and manage all transfer requests for their venue.  Transfers progress from pending, through processing and dispatched to being received by the requesting venue. For central kitchens Kobas provides an overview of transfer requests resulting in a summary view of the batch products they need to produce and with appropriate deadlines.

Daily Tasks

When you first open your business it’s key to get into a routine that allows you to delegate tasks safe in the knowledge that they will be completed on time and in a certain way. As you open additional locations this becomes even more essential as you’ll have more people reporting to you and need all the data to be in the same format for easy comparison. Kobas comes with a customisable set of opening, in-shift and closing tasks so you can rely on getting the information you need, in the format you need it, on time and fully compliant.

Opening Tasks

At the start of each trading day Kobas presents your manager with a set of opening tasks to be completed in a set order, so you know they’ve started the day the right way. From counting the floats in your safe and till drawers, to checking the handover notes from the previous day, everything is recorded, tracked and accountable. If you have specific tasks that must be completed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, you can add these to this process meaning your team is fully compliant.

In-Shift Tasks

As the day progresses, you might want your team to pay special attention to certain areas, such a toilet cleanliness or the temperature of various cold stores. Kobas allows you to create custom groups of tasks for managers to complete, and as they can complete them on a tablet in real-time, these actions are tracked, accountable and your staff are taken away from the shop floor for the very minimum amount of time.

Closing Tasks

Finally, when the day is done, your staff follow the closing procedures to ensure everything is corrected accounted for and the premises left ready for the next day’s trade. Balancing your safe and till floats, accounting for petty cash, reconciling the EPoS Z report to the cash and card transactions you have takes care of the financials, while incident recording, hours worked and venue handover notes complete the picture. Kobas also includes a cash banking system so you can track the money out of venues and into the bank account.


To keep everyone on the same page, Kobas sends emails at specific points, typically at the end of the trading day and at the very start of the trading week. These ensure the headlines are known to everyone and act as a great reference point in any discussion with venue management.

That’s got your operations under control! Read on to learn how Kobas can inspire your team.