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Bulletproof EPoS is the foundation successful businesses systems are built upon

No matter what hospitality business you’re operating, one of the first things everyone knows they need to get sorted is an EPoS system. Recent years have seen an explosion in the number of companies offering EPoS in all their various guises. There are traditional EPoS vendors that have 20+ years in the market and there are disruptive tablet-based “app” EPoS providers; both have strengths and weaknesses.

It’s a good idea at this point to decide upon your venue’s EPoS priorities before looking any further. For instance, if you operate a fast-paced counter service venue, speed of transaction is going to be high on your list, but if you’re in a bar where bottles and glasses are being thrown around, a robust unit is likely a priority. Do you want to take mobile orders? Should the PDQ integrate with the EPoS terminal? Would adding a customer facing screen enhance your customers’ experience?

Beyond the EPoS itself, you’ll need to look at how your operation is going to function behind the scenes, after a customer has placed their order. Traditionally, kitchens and make stations would require a printer to inform staff of what to make, but there is now the option of switching to screens.

We believe Kobas EPoS really is the best of both worlds and flexible to suit any business. Like traditional suppliers, our EPoS is robust, feature rich, easy to use and, crucially, tolerant to internet outages. But it is also modern, fast, tablet friendly, easy to update, and constantly improving as our team issue weekly improvements.  

Kobas EPoS uniquely combines wider business needs by offering customer loyalty management, rota-aware staff clock in/out and break management, and stock wastage functionality direct from its tablets and till interfaces. This unites your front and back of house teams by providing a robust, always-on operational tool within your venue. It can even allow your team to upload their end of day Z reading by QR code from their smartphone in the event that your venue’s internet connection is down, ensuring your head office team always have the information they need across your business.

Kobas In Venue System Features

  • Incredibly responsive touchscreen technology for the fastest speed of service
  • Intuitive and attractive layout which reduces training times
  • Tablet or fixed till based EPoS with identical features for consistent service
  • Integration with PDQs
  • Auto-applied discounts and promotions
  • Unlimited payment methods, including cashless
  • Split, merge and part pay bills
  • Reservation system integration including deposits
  • Time & attendance tracking
  • Item countdowns to sold out
  • Virtualised option for dark kitchens
  • Online emulator for checking new menus are correctly programmed
  • Automatic communication with kitchen and prep stations
  • Customer facing screen for advertising and / or order checking
  • Hierarchical menu system to reduce duplication
  • Timed pricing groups, such as happy hour
  • Verbose audit logs of all user actions
  • Loyalty system integration
  • Discount code system
  • Constantly evolving with regular updates

The Bigger Picture

If you’ve been in the game for a little while, or you’ve looked at a number of suppliers, you know that for the most part, most EPoS providers have a large overlap in the features they provide. Traditional suppliers will use legacy software that needs to run on custom built till hardware, while newer entrants prefer to work with various tablets to give additional flexibility in terms of till locations.

Kobas is positioned in the sweet spot between old-school reliability and new-comer innovation, where you can use a tablet if that fits your style, but also have the option of a traditional till for times when the wi-fi goes down. The biggest advantage we have is that both our traditional tills and mobile tablets run exactly the same software, so your staff only need to learn one system – slashing the time and cost of training new recruits.

Kobas continually uses the most up to date technologies to ensure you always have access to the most cutting-edge systems, underpinned by decades of reliable software delivery experience. Add to this our focus on a slick and simple user interface and you have a system that helps you deliver excellent service with ease time and time again.

Depending on your service environment, you might like to integrate your PDQ with the till. This can eliminate keying errors and dramatically speeds up serving a customer in locations where speed is high priority. Equally, you might like to add a customer facing screen to your till, so the customer can see their order is being entered correctly, and observe marketing messages at other times.

So that’s your EPoS sorted! Read on to learn how Kobas can help control your operations.