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Exceptional guest experiences begin before your customers walk through the door

Customers are the lifeblood of every business and their expectations are getting higher every day. While your staff are the face of your customer experience, Kobas works behind the scenes to help make every interaction perfect and keep your business ahead of the game.

We understand there isn’t a one size fits all approach to your customer interaction, so you’re able to pick and choose the elements of our Customer Interaction Centre that fit best with your brand, adding in others later if and when needed.

The Kobas Customer Interaction Centre (CIC) includes the following, with more elements being added all the time:

  • Branded Customer App
  • Customer Loyalty Schemes
  • Vouchers
  • Discount Codes
  • Table Reservations
  • Room Bookings
  • Customer CRM
  • Email, SMS & Social Media Marketing
  • Event Ticketing
  • Customer Wi-Fi
  • Click & Collect Ordering

With so many ways of learning about your customers, the Kobas CRM offers an incredibly insightful view into the interaction you have with your customers. This allows you to make the best decisions when looking at which events to run, promotions to offer and even where to open your next location.

Most of these features are created by the Kobas team, though we do work with selected partners where it makes sense, and you can always be sure that all the relevant parts of your system will talk to each other. This gives you a single source of truth for all your engagement with your customers in one place.

The Kobas Loyalty Scheme

Loyalty schemes have been around for years, since the days of Green Shield Stamps, and today 85% of households in the UK are members of at least one loyalty scheme, with 29% of people carrying five or more cards on their person. The good news is that loyalty schemes have come a long way since the stamp days of the 50s and 60s. Today, Kobas loyalty schemes allow customers to identify themselves either directly from their smartphone, or with a branded physical card, and of course their purchase history and reward status information is all held securely online.

For every £1 your customers spend, they’re given one loyalty point. Kobas then offers loyalty point boosters which can add point multipliers to drive trade at quiet times of the week, or to incentivise the purchase of particular product lines. Customers accrue points on every purchase working towards reward thresholds, which trigger a voucher when reached. Vouchers can reward customers in a variety of ways, from a simple monetary discount on their next purchase, through meal upgrades or a free side – the options are endless.

The Kobas loyalty system has been designed to be as frictionless as possible, adding less then one second to the transaction time in quick service venues. If your customer doesn’t have their card on them, that’s not a problem: they may simply use the code shown at the bottom of their receipt to add points to their account later.

Your customers can see how close they are to their next reward in your branded Customer Interaction Centre, along with the rewards they already have available and other helpful things like their nearest venue, profile and more. All this data feeds into a set of comprehensive reports where you’re able to see what’s working, what isn’t, and who you should be focusing on.

For more general promotional activity that isn’t targeted at existing customers, Kobas offers versatile discount codes. These can be used in a variety of media, from printed adverts in a local paper to raffle prizes and offer performance tracking combined with a strong incentive to purchase. These codes link directly back to a discount, can be shown as a collection of letters and numbers or as a QR code, and can be set for a single use or multiple uses. Everything is tracked, fully secure and reported on in depth.


Many operations benefit from offering advanced bookings for tables or other areas of your venue.

Kobas offers a basic reservation system which is perfect for smaller venues. It allows for reservations and deposits to be managed in advance, either in each venue or by a team in a central office, and naturally integrates completely with in-venue EPoS.

Specialist entertainment organisers DesignMyNight can help operators attract business, and Kobas integrates directly with their Collins booking platform. Our DesignMyNight integration offers a seamless experience where reservation information is transferred to Kobas EPoS, offering in-venue staff a complete run sheet for the day, ensuring special requests aren’t lost, and all deposits are automatically applied to the bill.

Our Production Team is actively working on a ResDiary integration, which we expect to unveil in early 2020.

For hotel operators or pubs with rooms, Kobas has partnered with booking system Inn Style to ensure your rooms are on all the best websites and booking data is fed back into your CRM. When your guests come to stay, you’re able to run a tab for them on your EPoS for the duration of their stay, allowing them to pay one single bill at the end, and keep all your finances in one place.

Other Services

Kobas provides a variety of deep integrations with specialist services, which ensure your customers have a smooth experience no matter what kind of venues you operate. Gone are the days of having to piece together customer information from a range of services – Kobas brings it all together. Some of our preferred partner integrations are detailed here to give an idea of the benefits Kobas offers when placed at the centre of your operation.

In-Venue Wi-Fi

In the modern day, Wi-Fi seems nearly as important as air and water, so offering it to your customers is almost a must have. Kobas has partnered with Wireless Social, the providers of frictionless guest Wi-Fi, which yields valuable customer information, including dwell times, into the Kobas CRM.

Online Marketing

Kobas has a deep integration with online marketing platform – a self-service platform that makes it easy to create and manage your own email marketing campaigns. As your guests join your customer loyalty scheme, their information automatically flows into segmented contact lists allowing you to target repeat business with attractive email campaigns.

Online Ordering

There has been a massive rise in customers ordering their food online in recent years, but big-name players like Deliveroo and JustEat command a hefty commission. With our partner Preoday, Kobas offers you the ability to service your clients for a much more sustainable monthly fee, while ensuring you keep the important customer and order data.