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Kobas EPoS v3 Change Log: September 2014 – July 2016

v3.12.3 – Tuesday 26th July 2016

  • Overpaying a tab by a combination of cash & card now advises the user of change due to customer.
  • Emojis now supported in tab names.
  • Refund button now disabled for users without refund permission rather than taking them to a blank screen.
  • Optimised admin menu pop up query.
  • Ability to perform refunds on Other Payment Types.

v3.12 – Tuesday 5th July 2016

  • Other ways to pay. Your EPoS can now accept payments from any third party entity such as Just Eat and Deliveroo.

v3.11 – Monday 27th June 2016

v3.10.8 – Thursday 25th February 2016

  • Added consumption mode to EPoS server session data.
  • When a bill is discounted to £0, receipt now says “Nothing to pay”.
  • EPoS permissions rationalised. “Close Session” and “Exit Tills” permissions merged, “Allow Login” permission removed and now governed by EPoS pin alone.

v3.10.6 – Tuesday 16th February 2016

  • Fixed bug that caused Order Properties screen to appear when closing dialog on iPad Mini.
  • Fixed JS error when user logs out too quickly after editing a tab.

v3.10.5 – Tuesday 9th February 2016

  • Distinction made on receipts between Pre-Paid and Discount fixed (money off) discount types.
  • New tabs added to Take Payment screen for pre-paid and discount fixed (money off) discounts.
  • Manage part-payment screen now differentiates between different fixed discount types.
  • Fixed bug where download data would crash if USB printer didn’t have a till assigned.

v3.10.2 – 19th January 2016

  • Improved VAT calculation.
  • Total pre-paid vouchers redeemed in a session added to Till Z report.
  • Total Gross Sales section added to Till Z report.
  • Fixed bug where voucher locked EPoS discounts fail if an order or tab contain more than 1 eligible item.

v3.10 – Monday 16th November 2015

  • EPoS units must now be authorised for use in Kobas Cloud.
  • Verifone PDQ integration.
  • Performance improvement in Download Data connector.
  • Initial workings of support for accepting deposits and pre-paid gift vouchers.

v3.9 – Monday 7th September 2015

  • Receipts now advertise a unique code for retrospective loyalty points.
  • Physical loyalty cards can be added to EPoS transactions without email/SMS being collected on the till. Customers use the unique receipt code to create their account and activate their physical card.
  • View Special Orders functionality deprecated and added to the main View Orders dialogue within the Admin menu.
  • Number of times the No Sale button has been pushed on each till and by whom is now logged. This information is available on the Till/User X/Z reports.
  • Improved thermal printer driver.

v3.8 – Tuesday 21st July 2015

  • Re-wrote print library to remove reliance on Java in the browser.
  • Added option to change the price of PLUs on an order and in a tab.
  • Orders can now be assigned notes, zones and tables from a pre-defined list.
  • All new historical order view in Admin -> Orders and Admin -> Journal -> Orders.
  • New version of KOBASThick.exe enables support for new tills hardware.
  • Fixed issue where SP800’s would wait several seconds before displaying the keyboard.
  • The cash drawer will not open if no tender was taken.
  • More reliable cash drawer opening from J2 680 units.

v3.7 – Tuesday 26th May 2015

  • You can now have the same PLU or more than one page. Really handy if you have a page of commonly used items and a bunch of specialist pages, as you can now have popular PLUs on both pages.
  • We’ve introduced support for items that are service charge exempt, so if you want to sell goods to go along with your hospitality experience, you can ensure those goods to go don’t ramp up the service charge on the whole tab.
  • Receipt information is now being uploaded to Cloud. These may be viewed in the Daily Sales by Order report.
  • Performance and error reporting improvements.
  • Improved support for Partner, Bleep, VariPOS, J2 and Aures native cash drawer opening.

v3.6 – Monday 16th March 2015

  • You can now offer certain discounts only when specific qualifying items are in the basket. This allows offers such as “free dessert with any main course”.
  • You can now view tab receipts from the last three months via the Journal.
  • Now you can see when kitchen instructions were sent in the tab view.
  • New icons on discounts to make it clear when a time-locked discount is only available due to high user privilege.
  • We can now automatically detect network interruptions and tell you whether it’s the Kobas server or your network that’s unhappy.
  • We’ve improved performance when adding items to or manipulating large tabs.

v3.5 – Tuesday 10th February 2015

  • Training Mode.
  • Download data performance improvement.

v3.4 – Monday 23rd January 2015

  • Added support for new discount type, A + B (+C).
  • Numerous discount based improvements and bug fixes.

v3.3 – Monday 20th October 2014

  • Now supports RFID or QR loyalty scans at any stage from basket through tabs to taking payment.
  • Per till configuration available.

v3.1 – Monday 29th September 2014

  • Now supports scanning of barcoded items that aren’t displayed on a menu page. This allows for supermarket style scanning for those with a shop in addition to hospitality sales.

v3 “Loyalty” – Tuesday 9th September 2014

  • Industry leading customer loyalty support.
    • Sign customers up to your scheme in-store with either their email address or mobile number.
    • Sign customer up to your scheme online.
    • Customers gain points with every spend.
    • All customer spend is tracked and profiled on KOBAS Cloud.
    • Customers may redeem points as they unlock discounts.
  • iPads now have full order taking functionality; both orders and tabs may be cashed off.
  • Set up receipt footer information on KOBAS Cloud.