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Complete Hospitality Management

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Kobas helps you run a better hospitality business

You’re more efficient, more structured, more accurate and therefore more profitable, allowing you to scale up – something Kobas also makes a doddle.

Got a new supplier for chips? Make changes across hundreds of recipes in seconds. Opening a new location? Use our tools to build your team in a streamlined way and know all your business process are in place from day one. Want to run a loyalty scheme or give your best customers a special reward? All part of the Kobas package.

Kobas was designed as a holistic system from the very beginning, built on our four pillars of rock-solid EPoS, providing tight operational control, and helping to manage productive teams with the goal of delighting your customers. As a single system solution, all aspects of business management are tightly and smoothly integrated.

This results in one platform that lets you control more of your company than any other solution, and as it’s all provided by a single supplier, you know it all works together. The Kobas Cloud, EPoS and Customer Interaction Centre platforms all use the latest technologies, so you know you’re always at the forefront of innovation.

Put simply, Kobas could well be the only system you’ll ever need

Interested? Read on to find out how Kobas can help take your business to the next level.

Sectors Serviced

Kobas has proven experience as the operational foundation of a wide range of hospitality businesses. Our platform is flexible enough to be moulded to fit your business, giving you access to enterprise software for a fraction of the cost of a custom solution, and bringing best practice to the fore.

Some of the sectors already benefiting from Kobas include:

  • Pubs (both wet and food led)
  • Quick Service Retailers
  • Cafés, Coffee Shops & Bakeries
  • Bars of all types
  • Restaurants (casual and fine dining)
  • Nightclubs
  • Pop-up / temporary events
  • Food halls and marketplaces
  • Contract caterers
  • Boutique hotels & Coaching Inns

As Kobas is a constantly improving cloud-based hospitality management service, it can make life easier in every area of your business operation. You’re in control from anywhere, at any time, and whether you’re looking for a high-level overview or a detailed breakdown – Kobas has everything you need.

Operators in all hospitality sectors reap the benefits of our holistic approach. Kobas joins up all areas of your business to give you exceptional insight and control and simplifies operations for your whole team – wherever they are.

Our outstanding support service also ensures you realise the biggest benefits for your business by choosing Kobas. We’re a small UK based team, allowing us to assist you quickly, personally and knowledgeably. Unlike other technology companies, we put our clients and their success first.

Our Mission Statement

Make it simple for hospitality operators to run their businesses intelligently, efficiently and profitably.

Our Vision

Holistic hospitality management that brings the team together. Use our passion for technology to make hospitality successful, exciting and enjoyable for everyone.

Kobas combines keys aspects of hospitality business management into a single, easy to use, holistic application that can be tailored to suit various business needs and user authorities. By using modern technologies and combining traditionally separate applications into one platform, Kobas can provide this valuable enterprise service at an accessible price.

With Kobas as a single source of truth for operational intelligence, staff efficiency is improved, compliance ensured, and training can be streamlined. This allows teams at all levels to reduce their administration time and instead focus on what’s important: their customers.

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