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Publishing Menus to Preoday

Once your Kobas account is synced with your Preoday account, you can publish menus to your online ordering portal directly from Kobas Cloud.

Any active Preoday menus will be displayed on EPoS > Menu Administration, shown by the Sync on Preoday button. Hitting this will schedule your menu to be uploaded.

Before we can send it over to Preoday, we need to check the data to ensure that it is formatted correctly for Preoday.

As Preoday only supports a single price for an item, we only use takeaway prices for items on the menu. If the item has a takeaway price on the Preoday price-band, then this will be used, otherwise it will default to the normal takeaway price.

Please note that any Post Item Selection Configuration groups attached to the EPoS Item will also be uploaded.

The following EPoS Items cannot be sent to Preoday:

  • Items that have no Takeaway Price.
  • Items that are not on a venue’s EPoS menu as well.

The following EPoS Items will be sent to Preoday, but will be highlighted:

  • Items that do not have a Takeaway Price for the Price Band being used for Preoday.