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Preoday Integration Settings

Kobas ‘talks’ to Preoday using an API. This is something that allows different pieces of software to pass data between themselves without any need for manual input. In order for Preoday and Kobas to interact, you’ll first need to input authorisation details into Kobas, which will allow your account to be connected to your Preoday account.

Before you can integrate with Preoday, you will need to have a full Preoday account.

Integration Settings

In order to switch Preoday ‘on’ in Kobas, you’ll need to access Administration > Integration Settings. Once on this page, you’ll need to select the Online Ordering tab.

Switch the integration on by ticking the Preoday box. This will allow you to fill in the following details:

  • Preoday Auth Token
  • Preoday Auth Username
  • Preoday Auth Password

This information will be provided to you by Preoday and it must be correctly input here, otherwise you will not be able to publish menus to Preoday, nor receive orders to your EPoS.

Venue Settings

Each venue in your account can be linked to individual venues in your Preoday Account. In order to get started, you’ll need to Enable Preoday Ordering by ticking the checkbox found on the Sales & Marketing tab of the venue manager (Administration > Venues).

Please note that before you can fill out this section, you will first need to create a venue and menu in Preoday.

The following information must be input for each venue that you wish to integrate with Preoday:

  • Preoday Venue ID
    • This should match the ID of the corresponding venue in your Preoday account.
  • Preoday Menu
    • This is the Kobas Menu that you wish to use in your Preoday account.
  • Preoday Menu ID
    • This should match the ID of the menu you wish to update in Preoday.
  • Preoday Price Band
    • This is the price band that will be applied to qualifying items in Preoday.

Once these settings have been completed, you will be able to publish menus to your Preoday account and begin receiving orders.