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Kobas Preparation Display Screen (KPDS) Change Log

The Kobas Preparation Display System (KPDS) aims to provide an alternative to paper-based requests both in the kitchen and for busy bars. KPDS is superior to paper dockets in the following ways:

  • More accountability – the progression of an order is logged at every step, allowing for average cook time comparison, detailed customer experience analysis etc.
  • More durable – paper can be dropped and lost, ink can be smudged.
  • Cheaper to run: both in raw paper and ink costs, and in labour delays caused by forced paper reloads or printer jams at busy times.
  • Environmentally friendly.

KPDS is currently in its infancy, pre-alpha. We are working with a few key clients in our preview programme to create the future of hospitality preparation.

Change Log

Version 0.5 – TBA

Version 0.4 – Friday 26th October 2018

  • “More” icons top and bottom when a State View column may be scrolled.
  • EPoS level logging when an item’s state is changed in any way.

Version 0.3 – Friday 19th October 2018

  • View can be changed between “Stream” and “State”. In State view, there is a column for each state and cards move rightwards as they progress towards completion.
  • Time colours are inverted to black on white to highlight jobs over 15 minutes old. This time is hard set in PHP, but JS accepts it as configuration.
  • The time flashes to highlight jobs over 30 minutes old. This time is hard set in PHP, but JS accepts it as configuration.
  • If enough jobs are in the same state so as to not stack on the screen vertically, that column scrolls with the up and down keys as jobs are highlighted.
  • In State View the left and right arrows should jump to the top of the column either side. If a column is empty but there are jobs further away in that direction, it will jump straight to that state column.
  • Support state colours from database driven content; support different states and colours per PDS within each venue.
  • Highlight order items that are in a more progressed state than the base order.
  • Ability to move individual order items individually to any state.
  • All existing functionality now supports touch! Great for developing and testing, but the main reason is to support touch screens in venues, or even iPads.

Version 0.2 – Friday 12th October 2018

  • Stream view changed to always show jobs in order oldest to newest.
  • Job age show in real time in minutes and hours.
  • Colours are now used to represent states, not job age.
  • It is possible to move a job to any state (previously could only progress it).
  • If an order has a note or a table place, an icon for each is show in standard view. In detailed view, this information is clearly shown.
  • If an order item has a note, an icon is shown in standard view. In detailed view, the whole note is shown.

Version 0.1 – Friday 21st September 2018

  • “Stream view” – jobs appear as “cards” (html articles) on screen.
  • Job colours change as the job ages.
  • It is possible to highlight jobs using the arrow keys.
  • Pressing enter while on a card progresses it to the next state.
  • Cards re-order to show most progressed state first.
  • Cards show job creation time (order placed time).