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Kobas EPoS Change Log

v4.6 – Monday 16th October 2017

  • Compensation Options are now available, so that the Comp, Director and Waste operations can be categorised further for better business analysis.
  • Preoday integration providing full online ordering support.
  • All in venue EPoS traffic is now fully encrypted with SSL (HTTPS).
  • Improved support for accented characters in staff names.
  • Service charge can now be applied against the original, pre-discount total of a tab.
  • Customer Facing Screen reload improvements when slide show is changed in Cloud.
  • Cielo Box hardware support improvements.

v4.5 – Monday 23rd June 2017

  • Splitting bills – finally! Great for those groups of people who all ordered together want to pay for their own items individually. You can now easily pick a selection of items from a tab, and whisk them off to a separate tab to be settled separately.
  • EPoS audit log now tracks the addition and removal of items to and from the basket.
  • Other Payment types can now be locked to require scanning of a loyalty card.
  • Individual tills can now be optionally configured in Kobas Cloud to auto log-off when items or tabs are cashed off – great for security when you know the user will walk away once the transaction is complete.
  • Additional payment types can now be configured to optionally be eligible for loyalty point accrual. If eligible, loyalty codes with also appear on relevant receipts.
  • Technical update – migration to the latest and greatest PHP 7.1.
  • Improved performance when paying off an order and recalculating tabs.
  • Improved performance and greater resilience when downloading data pertaining to price band information.

v4.4 – Monday 15th May 2017

  • EPoS loyalty reminder prompts for your team can now be enabled in Cloud’s Venue Manager.
  • Scanning a loyalty customer’s QR or RFID identifier will highlight any tabs they are attached to.
  • It is now possible to change the customer that owns a reservation on EPoS.
  • Printed X/Z User/Till reports now state the venue name.

v4.3 – Monday 27th March 2017

  • Ingenico PDQ EPoS integration over LAN/IP.
  • Ingenico PDQ Cashback support over LAN/IP.
  • Ingenico PDQ Cashback support over USB.
  • J2 650 till support.
  • Easy access to View Last Order and View Last Tab when completing a basket.
  • Improved handling of numeric bar-codes with leading zeros.
  • Printed Till/User X/Z now states if it is the current (x) or final (z) report.
  • Users can now insert text in the middle of text when using EPoS keyboard.

v4.2 – Monday 16th January 2017

  • Manage reservations on the till, including taking new bookings, creating new customers and accepting deposits.
  • Ability to mark no-shows and handle deposit refunds.
  • Till and User X/Z reports updated to handle all new deposit and associate refund information.

v4.1 – Tuesday 11th October 2016

  • Tab discount status and value is now calculated behind the scenes, removing any sluggishness experienced when adding orders to large tabs.
  • General alert introduced if a venue’s internet connection is unavailable. EPoS functionality surrounding clock in/out times, end of trade finance summaries, loyalty customer vouchers and reservations management is reduced under these conditions.
  • Increased stability over weak LANs for the cash drawer operation, PDQ operation, customer facing screen media content and printer connections.
  • Receipt style changes to decrease paper usage and support more printer models.
  • Server and printer software improvements to support iPad only EPoS rigs.
  • Improved support for receipt header images.
  • Fix to prevent premature cash drawer opening when processing cash refunds.

v4 “Reservations” – Monday 26th September 2016

  • Browse a list of reservations on EPoS, filtered by default to show today’s reservations, but past and future reservations views also available.
  • Spawn new tabs from reservations. Automatically load in and apply associated deposit payments.
  • Associate existing tabs with any of today’s reservations.
  • Improved Kobas Cloud synchronisation connector to hoover up all reservations, deposit payments, notes and reservation tags information. Reservation changes performed in Kobas Cloud should be reflected in EPoS venues within 5 minutes.

v3.12.3 – Tuesday 26th July 2016

  • Overpaying a tab by a combination of cash & card now advises the user of change due to customer.
  • Emojis now supported in tab names.
  • Refund button now disabled for users without refund permission rather than taking them to a blank screen.
  • Optimised admin menu pop up query.
  • Ability to perform refunds on Other Payment Types.

v3.12 – Tuesday 5th July 2016

  • Other ways to pay. Your EPoS can now accept payments from any third party entity such as Just Eat and Deliveroo.

v3.11 – Monday 27th June 2016

v3.10.8 – Thursday 25th February 2016

  • Added consumption mode to EPoS server session data.
  • When a bill is discounted to £0, receipt now says “Nothing to pay”.
  • EPoS permissions rationalised. “Close Session” and “Exit Tills” permissions merged, “Allow Login” permission removed and now governed by EPoS pin alone.

v3.10.6 – Tuesday 16th February 2016

  • Fixed bug that caused Order Properties screen to appear when closing dialog on iPad Mini.
  • Fixed JS error when user logs out too quickly after editing a tab.

v3.10.5 – Tuesday 9th February 2016

  • Distinction made on receipts between Pre-Paid and Discount fixed (money off) discount types.
  • New tabs added to Take Payment screen for pre-paid and discount fixed (money off) discounts.
  • Manage part-payment screen now differentiates between different fixed discount types.
  • Fixed bug where download data would crash if USB printer didn’t have a till assigned.

v3.10.2 – 19th January 2016

  • Improved VAT calculation.
  • Total pre-paid vouchers redeemed in a session added to Till Z report.
  • Total Gross Sales section added to Till Z report.
  • Fixed bug where voucher locked EPoS discounts fail if an order or tab contain more than 1 eligible item.

v3.10 – Monday 16th November 2015

  • EPoS units must now be authorised for use in Kobas Cloud.
  • Verifone PDQ integration.
  • Performance improvement in Download Data connector.
  • Initial workings of support for accepting deposits and pre-paid gift vouchers.

v3.9 – Monday 7th September 2015

  • Receipts now advertise a unique code for retrospective loyalty points.
  • Physical loyalty cards can be added to EPoS transactions without email/SMS being collected on the till. Customers use the unique receipt code to create their account and activate their physical card.
  • View Special Orders functionality deprecated and added to the main View Orders dialogue within the Admin menu.
  • Number of times the No Sale button has been pushed on each till and by whom is now logged. This information is available on the Till/User X/Z reports.
  • Improved thermal printer driver.

v3.8 – Tuesday 21st July 2015

  • Re-wrote print library to remove reliance on Java in the browser.
  • Added option to change the price of PLUs on an order and in a tab.
  • Orders can now be assigned notes, zones and tables from a pre-defined list.
  • All new historical order view in Admin -> Orders and Admin -> Journal -> Orders.
  • New version of KOBASThick.exe enables support for new tills hardware.
  • Fixed issue where SP800’s would wait several seconds before displaying the keyboard.
  • The cash drawer will not open if no tender was taken.
  • More reliable cash drawer opening from J2 680 units.

v3.7 – Tuesday 26th May 2015

  • You can now have the same PLU or more than one page. Really handy if you have a page of commonly used items and a bunch of specialist pages, as you can now have popular PLUs on both pages.
  • We’ve introduced support for items that are service charge exempt, so if you want to sell goods to go along with your hospitality experience, you can ensure those goods to go don’t ramp up the service charge on the whole tab.
  • Receipt information is now being uploaded to Cloud. These may be viewed in the Daily Sales by Order report.
  • Performance and error reporting improvements.
  • Improved support for Partner, Bleep, VariPOS, J2 and Aures native cash drawer opening.

v3.6 – Monday 16th March 2015

  • You can now offer certain discounts only when specific qualifying items are in the basket. This allows offers such as “free dessert with any main course”.
  • You can now view tab receipts from the last three months via the Journal.
  • Now you can see when kitchen instructions were sent in the tab view.
  • New icons on discounts to make it clear when a time-locked discount is only available due to high user privilege.
  • We can now automatically detect network interruptions and tell you whether it’s the Kobas server or your network that’s unhappy.
  • We’ve improved performance when adding items to or manipulating large tabs.

v3.5 – Tuesday 10th February 2015

  • Training Mode.
  • Download data performance improvement.

v3.4 – Monday 23rd January 2015

  • Added support for new discount type, A + B (+C).
  • Numerous discount based improvements and bug fixes.

v3.3 – Monday 20th October 2014

  • Now supports RFID or QR loyalty scans at any stage from basket through tabs to taking payment.
  • Per till configuration available.

v3.1 – Monday 29th September 2014

  • Now supports scanning of barcoded items that aren’t displayed on a menu page. This allows for supermarket style scanning for those with a shop in addition to hospitality sales.

v3 “Loyalty” – Tuesday 9th September 2014

  • Industry leading customer loyalty support.
    • Sign customers up to your scheme in-store with either their email address or mobile number.
    • Sign customer up to your scheme online.
    • Customers gain points with every spend.
    • All customer spend is tracked and profiled on KOBAS Cloud.
    • Customers may redeem points as they unlock discounts.
  • iPads now have full order taking functionality; both orders and tabs may be cashed off.
  • Set up receipt footer information on KOBAS Cloud.

v2.19 – Monday 14th July 2014

  • Waste stock ingredients and stock products from the EPoS units.
  • Item bar code scanning for rapid basket loading (supermarket style).
  • Added basket review pane to add-to-tab dialogue.
  • Optionally highlight tabs without the number of covers set.
  • Prevent brute force PIN detection.
  • More traditional discounting techniques.
  • Fixed issue where the buttons in the admin menu were misaligned on iPads.

v2.18 – Monday 2nd June 2014

  • Ingenico PDQ integration.
    • When paying off orders or tabs or taking part payments and have the amount entered on the EPoS automatically sent to the PDQ handset.
    • When refunding card payments using Admin->Log Special Order the amount is automatically sent to the PDQ handset.
  • Added a warning when a card amount is entered that is over 2x the bill amount to guard against large accidental overpayments.
  • Senior users can re-open settled tabs.
  • Simplified the Manage Part Payments interface.
  • Added a new lock screen. The EPoS will lock when a transaction is in progress instead of logging the user out if there is no activity on the EPoS this means that transactions that take a long time won’t be interrupted but still maintains security in case the user is called away from the till during a transaction.
  • Resolved an issue where the No Sale button would disappear after download data was run on another till.
  • Resolved a long-standing issue where if a user without the permission “AllowTakingOrders” logged into a till, the till would remain stuck in a state which meant no other users could take orders either until the EPoS software was restarted.
  • Fixed issue in the Special Orders this session view.
  • Revised permissions model to ensure people who can take orders and manage tabs can view past orders and tabs in the admin section.
  • Added warning to lock screen when opening tasks are not complete for the day.
  • Enhanced the TillX Print drop down to support more than 10 tills at once.

v2.17 – Monday 19th May 2014

  • Support for multiple pricing with automatic changeover.

v2.16 – Thursday 8th May 2014

  • Support for cash drawer direct connection to COM port.
  • Increased accuracy (again) on overall Expected Tax figure.
  • Improved tab part pay process.
  • Added till identifier to login screen.
  • Card tip to cash tip optional converter.
  • Reprint work dockets automatically when a tab is renamed.
  • Reprint work dockets automatically when an order is moved.
  • Allow manual requests to reprint work dockets.

v2.15 – Monday 7th April 2014

  • QR code offline Z report upload.
  • Increased accuracy on overall Expected Tax figure.
  • Fixed a bug where the cash drawer wouldn’t always open.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes hid discount names on iPads.

v2.14 – Monday 24th March 2014

  • Kitchen instructions.
  • Cloakroom ticket functionality.
  • Add the ability to send kitchen requests for dishes in alternate categories such as ordering a starter as a main course.
  • Ability to choose the destination printer for iPad receipt prints.
  • Added new user permission to restrict the ability to set/unset service charge on tabs.
  • Receipt improvements.
    • Only show the first letter of waiting staff’s surname.
    • Added configuration to suppress post cash-off receipts.
  • Till X and User X report improvements.
    • Added “Total Payments” to User X.
    • Added “Average Spend Per Head” in the Tabs section.
    • Added “Tabs Without Covers Set” line.
  • Ensure till tab lists are sorted numerically and alphabetically to stop tabs being ordered 1, 11, 2, 23 for example.
  • Fixed an issue where a tab could get stuck in as unpaid despite no payment being due.

v2.13 – Monday 10th February 2014

  • Behind the scenes transfer of Z report data to Cloud – no more copying sales figures into Cloud!
  • Eat in, Takeout and Delivery options, with separate pricing and tax (VAT) options for each.
  • Gross and net tax figures on the Till reports.
  • Instant Till Z data upload to Cloud.
  • Till Journal – allows you to view previous Till Z reports.
  • Tab part payment. @AB
  • Increased the sensitivity of the close button on popup windows.
  • New refund process (under log special order) to improve cash/card totals.
  • Auto-reload upon software update and sold out changes.
  • Improvements to work docket printing reliability.
  • Ability to re-print orders from the current session.
  • Automatic database health check and repair.

v2.12 – Monday 13th January 2014

  • Fixed discount support. @AB
  • Real time transaction reporting to KOBAS Cloud.
  • New Manage Tabs permission @AB @SP
    • Users with the Manage Tabs permission have a new option to change a tab’s owner via a select box in the top right of the tab view.
    • Users without Manage Tabs permission cannot access other peoples tabs. They can’t view them, add to them or anything. They show up as greyed out buttons in the tab list.
    • Restrictions on split and merge tabs. @AB
  • Ability to mark items as Sold Out on a per venue basis.
  • In the tabs list, tabs belonging to the logged in user are marked with a star and moved to the start of the list.
  • Overpayment by card tab gratuity management.
  • Significant performance increase via pre-compiled Handlebars templates.

v2.11 – Monday 9th December 2013

  • Permit overpayment by card as gratuity. Separate card and cash gratuity on the Till Z.
  • By default receipts are now no longer printed when a tab is settled. We can re-enable per venue upon request.
  • Fixed an issue where a printer failure would jam the print queue preventing any future prints from happening.
  • When a tab is printed, ensure the person requesting the print becomes the tab owner.
  • When prompted to select item configuration options it is now possible to cancel at any time.
  • Show item configuration choices on orders on tabs.

v2.10 – Monday 18th November 2013

  • Scan-able customer loyalty voucher support. @AB
  • Support types other than food/wet. @SR
  • Discounts can now be configured to apply automatically.
  • Reduced line spacing on kitchen dockets from 5mm to 3mm. @RM
  • Printable User X reports.
  • Significant improvement to initial load and menu refresh times. View file builds 5 times faster. thb
  • Fixed a bug where voided or wasted items were being shown on a bill (though the total was correct). Also fixed a bug where comp’d orders weren’t shown on the bill.
  • Deprecated session promo/voucher viewer; now available in Cloud.
  • Improved layout for tabs view.

v2.9 – Monday 4th November

  • Quantity item accelerator. @AB
  • Double-click item removal. @AB
  • Orders left in the basket when a team member logs off are automatically resumed when they next log on, even if they are on a different till/iPad. @SP @AB
  • Introduce X report and per staff member report @SP, @AB
  • Combine identical items with quantity multiplier on receipts.
  • Set and store the number of covers on a tab and display covers in Z-report.
  • Display bill split per person when number of covers is known.
  • Java 7 Update 45 support.
  • Automatically reduce font size on large (> 100 items) receipts.
  • Automatically page receipt prints > 64kB.
  • Option to merge orders on the tab when the bill is printed.
  • Fixed a bug which meant that configuration options on direct orders (not via a tab) weren’t shown on receipts.
  • Fixed a rare case where double tapping a tab name when adding items to a tab could add items twice.
  • Fixed a bug where the keyboard would show over the top of some popups.

v2.8 – Monday 14th October 2013

  • Fixed a bug where the last digit of the VAT number wasn’t being printed correctly on receipts.
  • Till Z update:
    • Gratuity no longer included in Till Z total.
    • APC UPS support.
    • Voucher payments deducted from total, wet and dry sales figures.
    • Printed per till Z report fixed to show till specific wet and food sales figure.
    • Java 7 Update 40 support.

v2.7 – Monday 7th October 2013

  • Support for any gratuity level and multiple gratuity levels.
  • Ability to suppress work dockets for particular till and printer combinations.
  • Ability to send a work docket to multiple printers.
  • Significantly improved low-wifi strength resilience.
  • Small tweaks to tab screen layout.
  • Performance improvements when manipulating tabs.
  • Percent discount now also includes configuration options.

v2.6 – Monday 23rd September 2013

  • Implemented user access controls to restrict access to privileged functionality.
  • Allow eligible promotions items to be set in Cloud.
  • New, improved look and feel of EPoS.
  • New admin menu.
  • New Till Z screen.
  • New session management screen.
  • IOS 7 compatibility fixes.
  • Confirmation step added when cashing off a basket.

v2.5 – Monday 9th September 2013

  • Add voucher as a payment type alongside Cash and Card in the “Take Payment” dialogues.
  • Apply percentage discounts to line items excluding those already subject to a promotion.
  • Remove fixed discounts – attribute as voucher spend instead.
  • Any x for y promotions support.
  • Specific x for y promotions support.
  • Stability update for the Java USB printer driver applet.
  • Corrected an error whereby a fixed discount applied to a tab could make the tab balance negative.
  • Ensure tabs are marked as not printed if gratuity state is changed.
  • Significantly reduced the time taken to apply or remove a discount to a large tab.
  • Significantly reduced tab chooser load time when there are a lot of open tabs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused closing dialogues to be slow.
  • Suppressed JS console log in production environments to improve performance.
  • Fixed a bug where some voided / complementary items were still being charged for.

v2.4 – Tuesday 27th August 2013

  • Promotions support:
    • Fixed discounts e.g. £10 off order or tab.
    • Percentage discounts e.g. 25% off order or tab.
    • Any n items for fixed amount e.g. Any 3 selected bottles of beer for £10.
    • Specific n items for fixed amount e.g. Any 2 of the same main course for £12.
    • Promotion administration on open tabs
    • Till Z amended to detail promotional discount.
  • Improved receipt promotions print-out support including:
    • Add config items that have a cost to the printout.
    • Added item and order level discounts at order level (rather than tab level) summary.
    • If a tab has adjustments (promo / gratuity), show a sub-total then an adjustments section before the Total.
  • Significant performance improvements.
  • Added scroll bars to iPad scrollable elements.
  • Fixed layout of payment buttons on iPad.
  • Prevent login from PIN 0.
  • Improved Till Z view when viewing particularly long reports.
  • Removed the reload till option from log in screen.
  • Suppress print poller on non-registered tills.
  • Fixed bug where rounding error meant that amount paid didn’t correctly add up to order total in payment screen.
  • Removed CSS transition effect on initial page load to reduce initial load burden.
  • Delayed launch of the printer poller iframe to reduce initial load burden.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Extending shift inserts break between old clock out and extension point.

v2.3 – Friday 9th August 2013

  • Splitting tabs – Added the ability to move an order from one tab to another.
  • Merging tabs – Added the ability to combine two tabs.
  • Added automatic updates on all devices following a download data.
  • Show change on receipt.
  • Added a display of the staff name to tab orders.
  • Minor changes to the item options screen.
  • Visual tweaks to the order view.
  • Added Kobas logo to log in screen.
  • Added Reload till option to log in screen.
  • Improved speed of switching between dialogs.
  • Small copy changes to both receipts and EPoS.
  • Changed iPad icon.
  • Fixed an issue where the iPad keyboard didn’t go away when closing a pop up.
  • Fixed an issue where an order in progress would get cleared on login.
  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t paginate through tabs when merging.
  • Fixed an issue where the till could hang when an error occurred during log out.

v2.2 – Thursday 1st August 2013

  • Allowed staff rota’d for multiple shifts to extend shifts, or start another shift.
  • Added clear button to pin pad.
  • All new Clock In, Clock Out, and Break support.
  • Admin section UI improvement.

v2.1 – Monday 29th July 2013

  • All new tabs section. Complete UX refresh and architecture overhaul.
  • Comp/Void/Waste functionality.
  • Order item administration – previously only available per complete order.
  • Poll printing all tab/receipt prints – this means tabs can be printed from iPads.
  • All new split payment calculator available for orders and tabs.
  • Gratuity addition to bill and Till Z.
  • Moved clock in/out from the Admin section so it is accessible on iPad.
  • Highlighting printed tabs so we know which tabs are likely to be vacated next.
  • Simplification of the tab/receipt print outs.
  • Various printing optimisations.
  • Wet/food sales split.

v2.0 “Responsive” – Tuesday 9th July 2013

  • Scalable view – works on iPad Mini, iPad, iPad retina, tills etc, all the way up to 1080p.
  • Network and poll printing support.
  • Item modifiers.
  • Branded basket with customisable message.
  • All new architecture – JSON, AJAX, templating etc.