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Kobas Cloud Change Log


  • Hastee Pay integration. If enabled, Staff are presented with an option to opt-in to Hastee Pay on the landing page. Subsequent changes to this preference can be made from their Kobas Preferences.
  • A new system preference ‘Pay Details Visibility’ provides a way to restrict users from viewing pay details of staff members who share their seniority level.


  • DesignMyNight Integration.
  • Update all non-stock paginated tables to have 50 rows by default.
  • Cloud navigation bar re-written in native JS to allow use of different front-end frameworks (anticipated move to ReactJS later this year).


  • All new Stock Control system.
  • Inn Style Integration.
  • Display the number of shifts/hours a staff member is working for the week on the rota.
  • Inn Style – Ability to split rates across multiple PLUs. New integration settings page to manage that and API updated to use those settings on Inn Style ‘check in’.

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