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Kobas Cloud Change Log


  • Multiple EPoS Post Item Selection Configuration (PISCS) can now be managed in Kobas Cloud, allowing easier ordering of things like pizza toppings, milkshake flavours etc.
  • Wireless Social improvements – easier first access to customer loyalty accounts, and the option to automatically add customers to email marketing lists.
  • Rotas 2017 beta is now available!
  • Stock audit trail transactions now allow user to select multiple venues.
  • HR section: Staff profiles now hold nationality information.
  • HR section: Current Staff export CSV now holds nationality and contract type information.


  • Preoday online ordering integration.
  • Loyalty customer search page is now significantly faster.
  • Automatic emails can now be sent went a payment is placed against a reservation.
  • Discounts Report updated to show second level of Compensation options and notes.
  • Public Names now available for EPoS Items.
  • Inactive other payment types now hidden from the cash log report for clarity.
  • Plethora of updates to the completed delivery page, including the ability to set an invoice date, as well as gross figures also being shown.


  • The Rota and Cash Log permissions can now be granted for either all venues, or for just home venues. This means a user may be restricted to performing actions and reviewing logs and reports to just their home venue, or if they are a General Manager for multiple venues, just those venues. Additionally, Area and Region Managers can use the Home Venue permissions to access all the venues in their territory.
  • The Week on Week revenue report can now export information for all venues.
  • Improved Cash Back support in the Cash Log report, Sage export and VT export.
  • Added ingredient and product holding value figures to stock check summaries.


  • Reports are now grouped into five analysis areas: Customer, Labour, Operations, Revenue and Overall, and broken down into 15 permission groups, allowing staff to be restricted to only see reports relevant to their remit.
  • Individual tills can now be optionally configured to auto log-off when items or tabs are cashed off – great for security when you know the user will walk away once the transaction is complete.
  • The Daily Tasks and Staff Profile / Pay permissions can now be granted for either all venues, or for just home venues. This means a user may be restricted to performing actions and reviewing logs and reports to just their home venue, or if they are a General Manager for multiple venues, just those venues. Additionally, Area and Region Managers can use the Home Venue permissions to access all the venues in their territory.


  • Price band management is now available via the Item (PLU) Manager.
  • The printer bulk PLU assign tool now shows how many items in each category are currently assigned to the printer.
  • Users can now lock Percentage Discounts to be single-use.
  • EPoS Items first recipe can now be backdated to their creation date.
  • Kobas Cloud now shows, and allows editing of, the order of priority for discounts.


  • Kobas now offers stock ordering predictions on stock products as well as individual ingredient lines – great for those using a central kitchen offering batches.
  • The Stock Current Position report now uses previous stock checks, predicted sales and scheduled deliveries to predict Estimated Days Remaining for each ingredient line.
  • Integration with Wireless Social.
  • Petty Cash (previously known as Paid Outs) has been spruced up, and now supports any money being returned to the business – handy for amusement machine reimbursements.
  • You can now set different venue trade start hours within your group. This is useful if you run both late night clubs and also hotels with early morning staff, allowing you to associate 5am trade and labour with different trading days in those venues.
  • Technical update – migration to the latest and greatest PHP 7.1.


  • Users are able to restrict the stock ingredients available for orders and deliveries on a per venue basis. See Administration -> Venues -> Venue Details -> Tools
  • Venue manager now shows a warning message when a user leaves the page without saving changes.
  • Daily Sales By Order report may now be filtered by Discount.
  • Improved display of national insurance category on staff export.
  • Operators can now use Cloud’s System Preferences to link to their loyalty scheme terms & conditions on their customer portal footer.
  • Improved handling of poor / absent wifi when conducting a stock check on a wifi device.
  • It is now possible to prevent certain staff members from changing prices when receiving a delivery.
  • The Cloud Hardware Manager now allows EPoS loyalty reminders to be enabled on a per venue basis.
  • Daily Tasks -> Paid Outs now allows for recording of negative figures, for ad-hoc money paid in.
  • Predictive ordering now available for ingredients and products, when requesting  a stock transfer.
  • Google analytics and Facebook ad tracking enabled for customer facing loyalty sites.
  • Ingredient prices can now be restricted from being edited at the point of delivery.


  • Introduced a comprehensive Reservations Report, providing useful data on the status of your reservations and associated guests, payments added to reservations, reservation tags, and reservation lead times. All data can be viewed by Reservation Date or Action Date.
  • Stock suppliers can now issue separate per-venue supplier codes. These will be included in order notification emails.
  • Photos of petty cash receipts can now be stored in the cash log saving paper storage and postage costs.
  • Kobas now supports holiday periods that aren’t a full year.
  • New “Venue Status Monitor” Landing Page module shows your EPoS venues’ online status and permits Cloud users to force a Download Data command.


  • Manage Ingredients page search improved to filter by Supplier Code, Ingredient Category and Supplier in addition to Ingredient Name.
  • Ensure the new stock check page defaults to the user’s home venue.
  • Add notification email addresses to Suppliers for automatic notification of new stock orders.
  • Performance improvements to the Transfers Section and Stock Current Position report.


  • All Item Sales By Date Range report now allows PLUs to be tapped or clicked to reveal list of staff responsible for those sales. This is a great tool for monitoring team performance when tasked with promoting certain items.
  • Closing tasks email now includes ad-hoc deposits received in the summary information.
  • The “Receiving Venue’s Stock” figure has been improved to show the theoretical stock position of each line based on any sales and stock movements since the last stock check; previously it was simply the actual figure set at the last stock check.
  • Loyalty portals updated for improved Favicon support on mobile devices.


  • Closing tasks cash declaration page now automatically populates reservation deposits received (or refunded) on EPoS systems running v4.2 or above.
  • Closing tasks cash declaration page now includes any reservation deposits accepted or refunded on a venue’s behalf on Kobas Cloud, separately from any associated entries handled directly on the EPoS.
  • Cloud reservation payment management now restricted to prevent alteration once they have been included in a cash declaration.
  • Cash Log exports updated to include deposits received or refunded on Kobas Cloud.
  • KAPI reservations endpoint created to support EPoS reservation management.
  • Added “Deposits Redeemed” sales from EPoS to Loyalty Scheme report.
  • Improved “New Stock Check” page to check delisted ingredients against the most recent stock check.


  • KAPI V2 initial release – Loyalty Customer endpoints.
  • Current Net Sales landing page widgets improved to show breakdown by consumption mode (eat-in, takeaway and delivery).
  • Improved VT Export to include variance.
  • Changed date formats on the Hours Export report for clarity.
  • Customer loyalty UI improvements.
  • Deliveries can now be logged historically, with any changes made to ingredient price taking affect from the historic date.
  • Added support for Zero Hour Holiday Accrual.
  • Added the ability to assign a primary printer to a till in the Hardware Manager
  • Removed inactive venues from the Rotas page.



  • Introduced integration for VT Transaction+.
  • Current Net Sales landing page widgets now available.
  • Added functionality to allow New Starters to be marked as having “never started work,” omitting them from the staff turnover and other reports.
  • Improved the email notification for Staff National Insurance number change.


  • “Other” payments now factored into cash log declarations and closing task summaries.
  • Greatly improved performance and efficiency of the Stock Usage Comparison report.
  • Upgrade Item Sales (Single) by Date Range report.
  • Remaining Holiday Allowance now shown on the list page for Rotas > Holidays. work,” omitting them from the staff turnover and other reports.


  • Operational Profitability Report improved to detail cost of sales on a First In, First Out basis.
  • Cash Log Export updated to include a downloadable, Sage Accounting compatible CSV file.
  • Remaining balance of part-paid invoices displayed in Administration > Kobas Billing.
  • Stock Audit Trail export now shows PC values as positive numbers.
  • Week on Week Sales Report improved to support up to six venues.
  • Closing tasks Cash Declaration improved to support Gift Vouchers and Deposits Redeemed information both manually and automatically from Kobas EPoS v3.11.
  • PHP 7 support.


  • Stock Suppliers page now includes Tax Codes, for better integration with Sage.
  • Introduced the ability to search customer database using loyalty card QR Codes.
  • Brand new Administration > Integration Settings page, allowing the management of Sage nominal codes.


  • Franchisee Support.
  • Cash Log report enhanced to contain total revenue comparison pie chart.
  • Improved venue picker for reports; now respects Regions and Areas.
  • New Billing page detailing all historical invoices and any outstanding invoices.
  • Added per venue, per franchisee and per account All-Time Theory Gross Profit figure to the SUCR (Stock Usage Comparison Report).
  • Performance improvements in the SUCR, including all-time company and venue GP calculations.
  • Cost of Sales added to the Operational Profitability report.
  • New Kobas billing page to manage your invoices.
  • Stock Suppliers page now includes Tax Codes, for better integration with Sage.
  • Introduced the ability to search customer database using loyalty card QR Codes.


  • Upgraded Venue Areas to Venue Territories, with support for both regions and nested areas. Both regions and areas support managers, for hierarchical and reporting purposes.
  • Improved holiday accrual for hourly staff by adding support for staff on part-time, and zero-hour contracts.
  • Clearer validation on Cash Log forms. Errors are now highlighted in red.
  • Rationalised the Administration Menu, so that subsections have clearer names and are grouped by function.
  • Added the ability to assign Kontact list IDs to Venues in Kobas Cloud, ensuring that customers are shared across both platforms.
  • Updated the Hours Worked page to display cover shifts worked on an assigned “Day Off.”
  • Improved the Sales Mix By Lead Type report to allow longer periods to be selected.
  • Improved the Holiday Status Report to account for accrual of holiday by salaried staff.
  • Introduced safeguards to ensure that staff can never lack a home venue.
  • Improved the UI of the Stock > Product Categories page.
  • Taken the Hours Export report “offline:” increasing speed, capacity, and ease of use.


  • Added functionality to our Loyalty report, which now details growth of customer base over time, as well as additional figures on the CSV export.
  • Updated PLU Manager to include images and preparation instructions. Also added an informational panel that lists the menus a PLU is featured on.
  • Rationalised several permissions sets into groups rather than individual entities.
  • Improved the user level manager to show “at a glance” information about permissions.
  • Expanded the scope of the Daily Sales By Interval report, which can now be refined by Lead Type and Category.
  • Added functionality to allow the deletion of EPoS PINs for staff that do not need access to EPoS units.
  • Improvements to the User Level Manager, including the ability to move staff between levels and the ability to duplicate and edit User Levels.
  • Staff User Levels are now visible on the Staff Export .csv.
  • Expanded the Cash Log report to detail the number of orders taken and the average transaction value within a session, broken down by consumption mode.
  • Improved the usability of the Administration > EPoS Item Categories page.


  • Added functionality that allows you to backdate and schedule pay-changes for staff.
  • New and improved venue manager, which includes the brand new PDQ and Printer managers, consolidating all of your hardware in one location.


  • All new Customer Loyalty Activity Report.
  • Added support for up to 25 PDQs to be declared during cash up.
  • Improvements to predictive ordering suggestions.
  • Recruitment vacancy questions rewrite.
  • Visibility restriction of financial information on rotas for those without permission to edit the rota.
  • Improved error handling on stock checks when internet connection drops.
  • New support for different styling on recruitment and events sites.
  • Sortable columns on the All Item Sales by Date Range report.
  • Improvements to the usability and functionality of the PLU manager, streamlining recipe creation and hardware configurations.


  • Customer loyalty sites upgraded to support the addition of loyalty points by entering a unique code printed on receipts.
  • Customer loyalty sites upgraded to support the assignment of physical loyalty cards to new customer accounts by creating a new account and entering a unique code printed on receipts.
  • Expenditure summary added to the Hours Export Report.
  • All new Supplier list and creation pages.
  • Rewritten Rota Role, Shift Patterns, Venue Area and Venue Edit administration pages.
  • Ability to export filtered customer data from Customer section.
  • Average shift length added to profiles of former staff.


  • Discounts report has been upgraded to show any PLU price adjustments made on the EPoS units in a separate summary.
  • Daily Sales by Order report has been upgraded to highlight any items subject on PLU price adjustments.
  • Daily Sales by Order report now shows consumption mode and allows filtering by staff member, till, consumption mode and transaction type.
  • Full venue daily EPoS Audit Log now exposed within the Daily Sales by Order report.
  • Improved user interface and export format for bank sort codes.
  • Safe and till logs now subject to the cash log lockout period.


  • You can now export your Cash Log Report direct to CSV file (for Excel).
  • New filters to make it easier to see your pending stock orders and transfers.
  • Improvements to the EPoS Post Item Selection Configuration Manager.
  • Improvements to the Administration -> Sales Budgets uploader sequence.
  • We’ve added the ability to mark an Administration -> EPoS Category as being service charge exempt.
  • Daily Sales by Orders report improved to reveal receipts, staff and tab details.
  • You can now set the order in which items on work dockets are printed in Administration -> EPoS Categories.
  • You can now have a PLU appear more than once on an EPoS menu, handy if you have a page of commonly used PLUs and you want to have the same PLUs in specialist pages too.


  • The new Orders & Deliveries page replaces Stock Orders and Stock Transfer and shows orders, transfers and deliveries to make it easier to keep track of your stock movement across your venues.
  • A new Transfer Fulfillment page makes managing incoming transfer requests easier than ever before and is powerful enough to allow a KOBAS venue to operate as a central kitchen.
  • An entirely new transfer process allows both parties and head office to keep track of stock movement between venues in real time.
  • Transfer amounts can be adjusted before being dispatched or when received to cover discrepancies in transit.
  • The Stock Transfer Report has been re-written from the ground up to make it clearer and expose more data.
  • We’ve re-written the Stock Current Position report to allow custom selection of ingredient categories. It also now shows if ingredients are used in products.
  • Improvements to the Operations permissions makes them easier to understand and gives greater control to users. New Super User permission means that designated staff can resolve discrepancies on their own.
  • Deprecated old style stock transfers. Any transfers in progress in the old system will need to be completed.
  • Updates to the Stock Usage Comparison to support new transfers.
  • Added and improved email alerts during transfer process. Added warning emails sent to senior staff when there are discrepancies in transfers.
  • Updates to the ‘Create New Product’ page.
  • Updates to the ‘Create New Ingredient’ page.
  • Improved Popover and Date picker directives.
  • Daily Tasks -> Closing Tasks now shows a handy grid of Opening / Closing tasks status in all your venues over the last seven days.
  • Updated to latest version of Angular UI bootstrap.


  • Stock Categories can now be set to be excluded from GP calculations in the Stock Usage Comparison Report. This means you can now use Kobas to stock control non-saleable items such as bleach without their use affecting your GP.
  • Stock Checks now reveal total stock value broken down by lead type.
  • The holidays page now offers more explanation in the event that you aren’t able to edit a holiday record despite ordinarily having permission to do so.
  • You can now create a new member of staff ready to commence new starter tasks, without having to hop through the interview process. This is helpful when adding existing staff to a new Kobas account, or for customers who don’t use our Human Resource management tools but need staff in the system for EPoS and payroll.
  • You can apply reduced or zero rate tax to EPoS items when flagged as Eat In. The primary intended use case here is for customers who sell non-taxable items exclusively for consumption off the premises (e.g. coffee beans, hot sauce, books) and wish to process those in the same transaction as regular taxable eat-in items.
  • You can now delete a rota that hasn’t yet been started, allowing you to easily scrap it all and start over.


  • New navigation improving mobile and tablet support.
  • New in-application support request form.
  • All new stock order creation sequence.


  • All new EPoS Discount Manager.
  • Support for A+B(+C) discounts.
  • Support for discount eligibility controlled by items in basket, allowing “free dessert with any main course” still offers.


  • Kobas EPoS customer facing screen manager. Customer facing screens add a fresh new dimension to the EPoS system in your bars, restaurants and QSR venues, allowing you to present fully custom promotional messaging to guests – and even passers by if your tills are visible from the street. Create powerful slideshows of imagery, shown on automatic rotation, to entice customers, increase sales and strengthen brand presence in your venues.
  • Logged stock wastage can now be removed in Kobas Cloud.


  • All new holiday request sequence.
  • Various EPoS unit settings can now be controlled from Kobas Cloud.


  • Kobas Loyalty launch – the ultimate customer retention and marketing system.
    • Put a card in their pocket, or a QR code on their phone.
    • Sign customers up online or in store.
    • It’s all about reward points.
    • More information.


  • Tronc Weighting – allocate gratuity distribution weighting.


  • Improved UI for Stock Checks.
  • Improvements to the Stock Usage Comparison Report. See only what you want to see with memorised data headings. Find out more about your stock units. Quickly see how your Actual Usage was calculated.
  • Support for Kobas EPoS iOS application.


  • All-new Stock Usage Comparison Report. This month we’ve completely overhauled our Stock Usage Comparison Report, transforming it into a powerful tool to help you run an efficient business. It now contains better variances and control gap analysis.


  • The Kobas Daily Summary email has arrived, giving managers, directors and owners immediate feedback on how their venues have performed every day.


  • Log and view stock usage including wastage and give-aways from Kobas Cloud.


  • EPoS price bands introduced. Create your items, add them to a menu, use Price Bands to overwrite default prices, then sell your items with Kobas EPoS!


  • Operational Profitability report launched – see your income breakdown, cost of sales, labour spend and wastage by year, month or week.
  • Hours worked is now easier to use. Now whenever you edit the hours worked in the Rota section you can expect a slick, seamless update without page loads. All staff are now sorted in alphabetical order and all actions are quicker, so you can now sign off hours worked quicker than ever.


  • EPoS Z Reports – upload using your phone! In the event of an internet connection failure in your venue, Kobas Cloud be now receive EPoS end of day sales data direct from a smartphone.


  • New Cash Log Declaration sequence.
  • All new site navigation.
  • Set different prices for your EPoS items depending on where they’ll be consumed: delivery and take-away support.


  • All new photo-driven Current Staff page.
  • Kobas Events now support discount codes.
  • Cash log declaration now supports cheques.
  • Kobas EPoS now uploads real-time reporting to Kobas Cloud.


  • EPoS category support for infinite lead types.
  • All item sales by date range report.
  • EPoS item filter support.


  • Sage payroll integration.
  • Staff birthday calendar.
  • Initial release of the Kobas Recruitment system.
  • Real-time Margin And Gross Profit Review Of EPoS Items.
  • Daily Sales By Hour Report.
  • Comprehensive Discount Support For Promotions And Vouchers.


  • All new session expiry timer and extension mechanism.
  • Added time zone support to Cash Log submissions.


  • Incident logs – Any incidents that have been logged can be viewed and any documents attached can be seen and downloaded.
  • Health and Safety logs – Any incidents that have been logged can be viewed and any documents attached can be seen and downloaded.
  • Shift Logs – All the in-shift tasks that are carried out can be viewed. Logs details time and date and by whom and also whether it had been completed.
  • There are calendar views for all the logs above.
  • Closing Tasks – Additional cash bags can now be added to cash logs.
  • New reports – Holiday Status, Labour Exchanges, Sales Week Breakdown.
  • Rota Break times can now be added to Rota templates and rota creation from template to get better indication of overall labour and costs.
  • Two New Starter Tasks have been added: we now support notes surrounding any accommodation supplier by the employer, and better ID & Right to Work information storage.