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The internet at my venue is down so I can’t complete my closing tasks

Your KOBAS EPoS system communicates over the internet with KOBAS Cloud to ensure that data such as your sales figures and ingredient usage can be analysed in our report section.

When the internet connection in your venue is interrupted KOBAS Cloud is unable to receive that information and as such you won’t be able to complete your closing tasks for that session.

To enable you to complete your cash declaration we offer a manual upload procedure that just requires a smartphone with a QR code scanning app.

Manual Upload Steps

1. On your KOBAS EPoS till, go to Admin -> Journal. Any recent sessions that haven’t been successfully uploaded will be highlighted:

EPoS Journal with failed upload

2. Click the Upload manually button to reveal a QR code.

Example manual entry QR code

3. Open a QR code scanning app. We recommend i-nigma for both iOS and Android.

It’ll load a link for preview. So long as your phone is online with 3G/4G just tap the link to go online and you’re done! Return to Cloud and you’ll then be able to continue with your Closing Tasks.