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Setting up Price Bands for scheduled price adjustments

Everybody loves Happy Hour. What better way to get people through the doors at a quieter time of day than by offering them cheap cocktails!

Setting up a scheduled price adjustment like a Happy Hour touches upon a few areas of your KOBAS account. Here’s how to do it, in a few simple steps:

Step 1 – Create a Price Band

Visit EPoS > Price Band Manager to create a new price band. This involves giving it name and defining whether the offer should apply to all your venues, or just one of them.

Step 2 – Schedule your price adjustment

From the Price Band Manager page, follow the link to the Price Band Time Planner. First you’ll need select your venue, then you’ll be presented with a time grid in which to define the days and times you’d like the adjustment to apply to.

Pick the price band you want to set up from the selection available across the top of the chart (this will only show price bands that can be applied to your chosen venue). Then simply define when this offer should be active by clicking on the relevant grid boxes to colour them in.

Hours run down the left hand side of the grid, five minute intervals run across the top, giving you complete control over when your offer will begin and end. You can click on a coloured box to deselect it, and you can choose whether to select whole hours or five minute periods by using the toggle in the top right corner.

In the example below, I want to run a Happy Hour from Sunday to Thursday, 6pm until 8:30pm. I’ve gone with 20:35 as my finish time when setting this up, rather than 20:30, so staff members have a little bit of extra time to put through any last minute orders.

Step 3 – Define which products should be included in this offer

To set which items will be included in your price band, visit EPoS > Menu Administration and go to Manage Menu Layout for the appropriate menu Here, click on an item to be included in your price band and set its adjusted price. Do this by finding the relevant price band in the Edit pop up and clicking Set prices. Repeat this process for all items to be affected by the price band.


Step 4 – Download data

To see the new price band in your venue, download data on your tills (from the Admin menu) and your price adjustments will be live and ready to use. The specified prices will automatically be applied during the selected time period and will return to your regular pricing at all other times.