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Part Payments and Other Payments

Part payments are available on your EPoS and work in the same way as taking card or cash payments.

Other payment types must be set up for you as custom options by our team. Get in touch if you would like to request that we do this for you. Custom payments can be redeemed against both tabs and orders, and work in much the same way as taking a cash or card payment.

Part Payments

Step 1

Log in to your till as normal and select Take paymenton the bottom left corner of your EPoS.

Step 2

Once on the ‘take payment’ screen, enter the first amount and select the first method of payment you would like to use.

Step 3

When you select either ‘Cash’ or ‘Card,’ a breakdown of the payment will appear on the upper right hand corner of your screen. Repeat the first two steps until the balance is paid off or click Pay off remaining on card.

Other Payments

Step 1

Once your custom payment types have been set up, you can find them on your EPoS through the Take Payment screen. Enter an amount and click on the new Other button.

Step 2

This will present you with each of your custom payment options. Simply click on any of them, and the amount you entered previously will be paid against that payment type.