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Kobas  Cloud

Help With Your KOBAS EPoS

A list of guides that will help you with your KOBAS EPoS.

Daily use

Logging waste and other stock usage

Adding kitchen instructions to an order

Voids, table moves and order re-prints

– Using customer loyalty vouchers

Gratuities, Service Charges and Tips

Getting to know your customers

– An introduction to Post Item Selection Configurations

Online Ordering

Online ordering with Preoday


Reversing Payments

Redeeming a Deposit

Part Payments and Other Payments

Reservation Management System

Reservation management system with Inn Style


Your Cash Log broken down

Your Till Z report explained


Training mode

A guide to promotions and discounts

Setting up Price Bands for scheduled price changes

Configuring each till in a venue separately 

Setting up presentations to appear on your customer facing screens


Where do the wires go?

Configuring iPads for KOBAS EPoS

The internet is down, so I can’t complete my closing tasks

My kitchen printer is jammed

Replacing a failed Hard Drive in your Dell Kobas EPoS server

What to do when your internal network fails

My Kitchen Printer Has Flashing Lights!

– Aures ODP 333 Thermal Printer Troubleshooting

Venue Hardware Management

Performing a “Factory Reset” on the Star TSP100 series network printer

My Cash Drawer is not opening