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Kobas  Cloud

Help With Your KOBAS EPoS

A list of guides that will help you with your KOBAS EPoS.

Daily use

Logging waste and other stock usage

Adding kitchen instructions to an order

– Using customer loyalty vouchers

Gratuities, Service Charges and Tips

Getting to know your customers

– An introduction to Post Item Selection Configurations

Online Ordering

Online ordering with Preoday


Reversing Payments

Redeeming a Deposit

Part Payments and Other Payments

Reservation Management System

Reservation management system with Inn Style


Your Cash Log broken down

Your Till Z report explained


Training mode

A guide to promotions and discounts

Setting up Price Bands for scheduled price changes

Configuring each till in a venue separately 

Setting up presentations to appear on your customer facing screens


Where do the wires go?

Configuring iPads for KOBAS EPoS

The internet is down, so I can’t complete my closing tasks

My kitchen printer is jammed

Replacing a failed Hard Drive in your Dell Kobas EPoS server

What to do when your internal network fails

My Kitchen Printer Has Flashing Lights!

– Aures ODP 333 Thermal Printer Troubleshooting

Venue Hardware Management

Performing a “Factory Reset” on the Star TSP100 series network printer

My Cash Drawer is not opening