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Receiving an Order

n.b. It is possible to receive a delivery, even if an order has not been placed through KOBAS

When your order is delivered you will need to receive it in Kobas so that Kobas can keep track of your current stock levels.

To do this go to Operations > Orders & Deliveries and select the venue your order has been delivered to. Click on the Actions drop down box beside the order you wish to receive and click on Receive delivery.

Receive Delivery screenshot

This will take you through to the Receive New Delivery page. On this form you can record what date the delivery was received, Delivery Net Total and Delivery Note Reference.

Receive New Delivery screenshot

Click Receive Delivery and you will be shown a list of what items you ordered.

Items ordered screenshot

You can change the quantity that you actually received and add more items to the order if you are delivered more items than you originally ordered. Click on Save Delivery once you have reviewed this section to complete receiving the order.

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