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Performing a stock transfer

To perform a stock transfer in Kobas Cloud, the venue that requires the stock must first make a transfer request to another venue. This is done in a very similar way to placing an order, in Operations > Orders & Deliveries.

Requesting a transfer

On the Orders & Deliveries list, click the New Order button at the top of the page. Choose Request a new transfer and complete the details for the request. You can choose to request ingredients or products by selecting their categories. Once you’ve picked the stock categories you’re interested in, enter the quantities of the items you’d like to receive.

Note that you request transfers in individual units of stock, rather than the delivery packs you’d order from a supplier. This allows maximum flexibility for stock transfers. You can also only request stock to be delivered to your own venue as a user with the standard permissions.

When you save your request, the GM of the venue you’ve requested stock from will receive an email alert. You’ll see the transfer request in the Orders & Deliveries list. At this stage the transfer will be Pending. Status changes will always be visible here as they occur.

Fulfilling a transfer

Having received an email alert, the venue due to send stock should visit Operations > Transfer Fulfilment to progress the transfer. The list of transfers here will be filtered to those fulfilled by your venue, but other views can be seen using the filters near the top of the page.

Clicking View will show you the full transfer and provide instructions on the next step. A Pending transfer should be acknowledged by the fulfilling venue by clicking Start, it will then progress to the Processing status.

During Processing, the fulfilling venue should be preparing the stock to be sent. The transfer can be printed for picking reference if required by using the Print This Order button.

Once the stock is ready to be dispatched, the quantities should be confirmed in Kobas. If the requested quantities are not being fulfilled, the dispatch figures can be amended. The quantities will save as you adjust them, so this page can be left and returned to if required. Once completed, this page can also be printed as a packing slip by using the Print This Order button.

Clicking Dispatch changes the status of the transfer to Dispatched and will email the requester to alert them their transfer is coming. If there are any discrepancies between what was requested and what was fulfilled, the email will highlight these.

This completes the action required by the fulfilling venue.

Receiving a transfer

When the transferred stock arrives, the receiver should visit Operations > Orders & Deliveries to mark it as received. To do this, find the relevant transfer in the list and click View. Review the physical stock received and ensure the correct quantities are entered on the page. Click Receive to complete the transfer and move the stock from the sender venue to the receiver. Failing to complete this final step means the stock will not get moved in Kobas and will not be reported correctly. The status will now be Delivered.

Note that the quantity of stock declared as received is what will affect the stock levels in both venues. For example if the sender venue declare they have dispatched 10 units, but 12 units are declared by the receiver venue, then 12 units will be moved.

If stock arrives damaged, the quantity of usable stock received should be declared and Kobas will waste the damaged units from the sender’s stock. For example, if 10 units arrived but 2 are damaged, this should be declared as 8 units received with the reason Damaged. The 2 damaged units will get wasted from the sender’s stock.

Resolving a discrepancy

If there is a discrepancy between the dispatched and received values, the GMs of the sender and receiver venues will be alerted via email. If a third party should also be alerted to these discrepancies (for example an Area Manager or a Head Office team member), then their email address should be added under Administration > System Preferences > Operations. The situation will need to be investigated at venue level and the transfer edited if required.

With the default permission settings, a transfer cannot be edited. However a user with the permission Operations – Deliveries / Transfers / Orders – Super Edit is allowed to amend any value in the transfer. Editing can only happen once the transfer has been completed. This will immediately affect stock levels in both venues (and any associated waste entries), so should be reserved for privileged staff members only.


In order to request and receive a transfer, a Kobas user will need both the following permissions:
Operations – Deliveries / Transfers / Orders – View
Operations – Transfers – Create / Delete / Fulfillment

In order to fulfil a transfer, a Kobas user will need both the following permissions:
Operations – Transfers – View
Operations – Transfers – Create / Delete / Fulfillment

In order to edit a completed transfer or request/receive on behalf of a different venue, a Kobas user will need:
Operations – Deliveries / Transfers / Orders – Super Edit