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Let Kobas Predict Your Stock Orders

Once you’ve been trading with Kobas for three months, there’s usually enough information for us to advise you on the quantities of stock you should be ordering from suppliers.

Every time you create a new stock order in Kobas, it will give its latest estimate as to how much of each ingredient you should order. Here’s how Kobas estimates what you’ll need.

Stock Order Predictions

When creating a new stock order, Kobas takes note of your net-total sales, for the previous 13 weeks at your venue. For each ingredient line, Kobas also notes the usage of that ingredient over the same time period. From these two figures, Kobas can deduce an average usage, per £1000 net revenue.

When creating a weekly rota, it is possible to input daily sales predictions. To do this, access Rotas > New Rota, shown below:


When you create a new stock order, Kobas asks how long the delivery should last your venue. Kobas will then balance this and your predicted sales against your average ingredient usage; this will allow Kobas to estimate how many units of each ingredient should last that period: with a little to spare, of course.

We know the system isn’t perfect, and we hope to improve it to take account of seasonal fluctuations and your general growth trends. We will make an announcement when that all becomes available, but until then the current predictions are still incredibly useful, and can take a lot of the anxiety out of stock ordering.