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Creating and Managing Ingredients

Ingredients: Any item that you keep in stock that you order from a supplier can be set up as an Ingredient. 

Creating a New Ingredient

By accessing Operations > Manage Ingredients, you are able to add new stock as Ingredients, as well as edit existing ingredients within your database.

In the ‘New Ingredient’ screen, you assign a name, category, measurements, cost and tax code to your new items. In this instance we have assigned Basil to the Base Recipe Item category, as it is included in Product recipes (explained in our guide for Products), but is not sold as an individual item itself.

Creating ingredient

Kobas allows you to input the unit that an ingredient is measured in, either ‘Whole Items’, ‘Grams’ or ‘Millilitres’. In this case our Basil has been measured in grams.

Inputting the price and tax code of  ingredients allows Kobas to automatically calculate the cost and gross profit of products sold through EPoS.

Inputting the Supplier of each ingredient allows you to place your orders through Kobas and use its powerful Predictive Ordering feature.

Managing Ingredients

Once you have saved your new ingredient, you can change or delete it at any time by accessing: Operations>Manage Ingredients, and then clicking either ‘Edit’ or the Trashcan icon.

Managing Ingredients update

Once you have your ingredients set up, you can begin to create products with recipes.

For more information on the difference between Ingredients, Products and PLUs please see Ingredients, Products and PLUs explained