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An introduction to Post Item Selection Configuration

Post Item Selection Configuration allows you to set up options to be selected on items you are selling. This can be used for things like cooking instruction (medium rare, well done etc), where cost and recipe would be unaffected, but you can set can more in depth options to manage meal deals, extras or sizing options where prices and ingredients used would vary dependant upon the selection.

Your Post Item Selection Configuration choices pop up on your EPoS after you select the relevant item. Once an order is placed, Post Item Selections will appear on your printed work dockets, ensuring prep areas have the required instructions. Selections will also show on a customer’s receipt if an additional cost has been applied by their choice, if the choice has no price, it will not show on the customer receipt.

To add a Post Item Selection to an item on your till, first you’ll need to create the group, then associate it with the relevant PLU.

Creating a basic Post Item Selection Configuration group

Navigate to EPoS > Post Item Selection Configuration and select New Item Selection Group (or hit the button to manage an existing one).

Give your option a name and set your group options. To use a “Steak Options” example, you’d add Rare, Medium and Well Done, with no price change or ingredients required.

Applying prices and ingredients to Post Item Selection Configuration groups

You can also create Post Item Selection Configuration selections which apply a price change to a PLU or affect the recipe. For example you could sell a burrito with a choice of meat filling, where beef costs an extra £1 but chicken doesn’t change the price. In this example, you’d set up a burrito PLU with a base recipe that doesn’t include any meat, then set up your Post Item Configuration options with a choice of meat, with appropriate ingredients and a £1 price change on the beef option.

Associating your Post Item Selection Configuration group with a PLU

Once your Post Item Selection Configuration group has been created, it can be assigned to any relevant PLU’s in EPoS > Item [PLU] Manager. Edit the PLU you wish to amend and below Base Ingredients you will see the option to add as many Post Item Selection Configuration groups as required.

Now when this item is selected on the till you will be prompted to apply one of the options in the associated Post Item Configuration Selection group.