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2018 Autumn Report

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Holiday season is over, and the world of technology for hospitality is certainly being rustled by the winds of change. The wider hospitality market continues to feel pressure, but we have plenty of interesting new concepts reaching out to us, and important Kobas news too.

2018’s third quarter saw plenty of Kobas installations, but sadly enough venue closures to prevent any […]

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Let’s Get Talking About Mental Health

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It is estimated that 1 in 6 people in the past week have struggled with their mental health, with 1 in 4 in the UK suffering from depression. Since 2013, rates of anxiety and depression have risen in UK part-time workers by 33.6%, and 29.7% in full-time workers. And yet, even with statistics like this, mental health difficulties in various […]

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Latest Kobas Venues – 2018 Q2

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Working at Kobas puts us in a wonderful cross-over space between London’s web technology scene, and the UK’s burgeoning hospitality industry. That means we get to work with fascinating new technology to constantly improve the Kobas platform, and it also means we get sneak previews of hundreds of bars, pubs, cafés, clubs and restaurants.

As ever in these updates, we look […]

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2018 Summer Report

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How refreshing to write a summer report in a week that really does feel like summer. We are having some works done in our London office and at one point I was lugging furniture around temperatures exceeding 30°C; that was a warm experience!

2018’s second quarter has yielded a steady 6% net growth in Kobas EPoS venues despite the market looking […]

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2018 Spring Report

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2018 Spring Report

The last quarter has proved to be nicely balanced at Kobas, with good progress on many fronts. We’ve made exciting improvements to both EPoS and Kobas Cloud, alongside a sturdy 7% net growth in Kobas EPoS venues and 9% net growth in Cloud venues in the first quarter of 2018.

Industry Heartbeat

All is not well on the high street. […]

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2017 Winter Report

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2017 Winter Report

It’s 2018, so I’d like to start by wishing our followers, clients, and their customers a Happy New Year!

We are proud to have concluded 2017 with a healthy 88% net growth in Kobas EPoS venues across the calendar year, creating significant and exciting opportunities for 2018. The Christmas trading period certainly looked lively, as we saw in excess […]

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Notice of planned Kobas Cloud maintenance event: Monday 27th November 2017

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Update 27th November 2017 05:30 GMT
All maintenance work is complete and was successful. No further maintenance is scheduled at this time.

Key information

There will be no interruption to Kobas EPoS service.
Maintenance window is 4am to 7am on Monday 27th November 2017.
No significant interruption of service is anticipated; this is notice of increased risk of interruption of Kobas Cloud service during the […]

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2017 Autumn Report

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2017 Autumn Report

We are pleased to report an encouraging 9% compound net growth in Kobas EPoS venues in 2017 Q3, proving neither summer vacations nor continued political uncertainty are barriers to hospitality venues adopting our technology and best practice. Much of this growth was in and around London, yet we’ve also grown footprint in Cardiff, Birmingham, Leeds and even in […]

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The SaaS behind our SaaS

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Both Kobas Cloud and EPoS are offered exclusively in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Our clients pay a monthly subscription in return for the ability to use our Cloud website on their internet devices, and our EPoS application on their till units. A hospitality venue pays a few hundred pounds a month to access software which has cost […]

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