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2018 Spring Report

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2018 Spring Report

The last quarter has proved to be nicely balanced at Kobas, with good progress on many fronts. We’ve made exciting improvements to both EPoS and Kobas Cloud, alongside a sturdy 7% net growth in Kobas EPoS venues and 9% net growth in Cloud venues in the first quarter of 2018.

Industry Heartbeat

All is not well on the high street. […]

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance Information

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In my capacity as the Kobas Data Protection Officer (DPO), I’m pleased to provide an update on our preparations for the EU GDPR enforcement deadline coming this May. We’ve recently tightened our data retention policies and will be implementing improvements over the coming weeks, so please read on to ensure your organisation is also prepared for the coming changes.

The executive […]

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Cloud EPoS Simulator

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We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of the Kobas Cloud EPoS Simulator. It’s an industry-first application that allows in-venue EPoS menus, discounts, price-bands and tab management to be replicated and tested from anywhere in the world at any time; all that’s required is an internet connected device.

How is it useful?
Kobas Cloud has an EPoS menu layout manager which […]

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Restrict Ingredients By Venue

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Kobas offers powerful stock control tools to manage and track your stock, whether you are a single site operator or running a chain of venues.

However, until now, any ingredients created in a Kobas account did not discriminate between venue; if an ingredient existed in Cloud, then it could be ordered or stock checked at any site. This changes today with […]

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January’s Top Support Requests

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Each month, our support team deals with dozens of queries and requests from clients; these range from simple ‘how do I…?’ questions, to custom reports, to hardware troubleshooting. Following on from our post back in November, we’ve collected some of the top support requests that we have received over recent weeks for a round up of fixes and explanations.


If you […]

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Understanding Your Labour Costs

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Kobas caters for all of your HR needs with an integrated rotas, holiday, and payroll export system; giving you unparalleled reporting on all your labour costs. With direct access to your EPoS figures, it’s possible to get powerful, live insights into how your stores are performing and where improvements can be made.

Read on to decode your labour costs and get the most […]

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Pay details made easy with Kobas

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As the temperature rapidly drops, and business increases in the lead up to the holiday season, what better way to reward your hardest working employees than a promotion or a better share of the week’s tips?

The larger your work force, the harder it can be to keep track of, and manage the various contract types and pay rates of your […]

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Speed up your weekly rota creation with these top tips

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Rotas are an essential part of your business. They are used to plan your labour to budget, according to the needs of the venue, as well as record the hours your team has worked for payroll purposes.

As a Manager in a busy restaurant or bar you are, no doubt, always looking for ways to save time on administrative tasks, so […]

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From job ad to GM – join up the whole recruitment journey with Kobas

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Your team is arguably the single most important asset of your hospitality business. From job application to high flyer in one of your venues, Kobas can make things easy at all stages of the journey.

It’s vital you recruit the right staff, quickly and efficiently, and that those people get a great impression of your business from the get go. Kobas can save […]

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