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Voids, Table Moves and Reprints

Neil Mukerji
04 Nov 2019 3min read

Voids, Table Moves and Reprints – Keep the Kitchen in the Loop

Mistakes happen, and people change their minds. An order can be added to the wrong tab, a group of people can choose to move from one table to another, an extra item could be accidentally added to an order, or a customer can change their mind having placed their order. How does your venue handle communication between front of house and the kitchen if anything changes after an order has been placed?

When using Kobas, such updates are sent automatically where possible. This blog post explains when an update is sent, and how to configure Kobas to best suit your own operation.

Printer Setup

A key setting to be aware of is the per-printer “Dockets Reprint Time Frame”. This can be found in:

Kobas Cloud -> Administration -> Venues -> Venue Details -> Printers -> Edit

Screen grab of the Kobas Cloud Printer Manager, with the Dockets Reprint Time Frame setting highlighted.

This is the period of time subsequent to an order being place within which Kobas will send docket updates to kitchen or drink station printers. The recommended settings would be the maximum usual wait times for each station which would be highest for a full kitchen, and lowest for a simple drink station.

If changes are made to an order outside of this period, relevant printers will not be notified. Within that period, correction notices are sent for the following actions:

  • Whole order is marked as void
  • Whole order is reinstated from void
  • Order item is marked as void
  • Order item is reinstated from void
  • Whole order is moved from one tab to another

Example: Order Item is Marked as Void

By way of example, let’s see what happens at an impact kitchen printer if one of three dishes is marked as void. Original docket:

Now let’s void that Venison Pie.

Example: Order is Moved to a New Tab

And now, just to really mix things up, let’s move that order from table 10 to table 11.

Of course, if you would rather not have these notices print under any circumstances, they may be disabled per printer using the drop-list mentioned at the beginning of this post.

Example: Manual Reprint

There is one final situation where the kitchen will always be updated, that that’s if the Reprint Dockets button is tapped.

This is useful to force an update in a situation where there’s any doubt, and it’ll work even if a printer is set not to receive updates if an order is altered as described earlier in this post. Dockets are marked at “Reprint” as shown below.

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