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Verifone PDQs

Chris Young
03 Mar 2016 3min read

We are pleased to announce that Verifone PDQs are now compatible with Kobas! The addition of another model of integrated PDQs is another string in the bow for more seamless card payments with Kobas.

Whilst we have supported integration with Ingenico PDQs for some time, these can only be assigned to a single till. Likewise, a till can only support a single Ingenico PDQ

However, Verifone PDQs allow more flexibility in this realm, as they are controlled over the network. You can set up a single PDQ on your network and whichever till is being used to process the transaction can send the payment information to it. Alternatively, you can assign multiple PDQs to a single till, and the user will be able to choose whichever PDQ is currently free, in order to process the transaction.[

Possibly the most exciting feature of using Verifone PDQs is their ability to be set up for use with any iPads you use at your venue. This will allow your staff to settle tabs at the table without any user errors, as the payment information is sent direct from iPad to PDQ and back again once complete.

If you are interested in learning more about setting up Verifone PDQs for your venues, please don’t hesitate get in touch.

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