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Updates to the Venue Manager

Gabriela Morris
08 Oct 2018 3min read

When it comes to adjusting the finer Kobas details for each of your venues, you’ve probably found yourself on the venue manager page in Cloud. From here you’ve been able to make changes to the header and footer of your receipts, selected menus, edited printer settings and, recently, enabled Collection Numbers, among others.

To add to the arsenal of tools at your disposal that allow you to manage your venues at a granular level, we’re pleased to announce four additions to the venue manager: Compact Receipts, Open Tabs Summary, Card Tips on Receipts, and the Dockets Reprint Time Frame.

Compact Receipts

The default formatting mode for your receipts (known as Detailed) separates items by the time at which the order was placed, whereas Compact Receipts group the same items together. For instance, if customers order two Lemonades at 17:06 with their dinner, and then decide they’d like another one at 18:17, instead of the receipt showing each individual order, it will show 3 x Lemonade.

(Detailed Receipt)

(Compact Receipt)

Open Tabs Summary

By enabling this feature in the venue manager, your User X Reports will include a section at the bottom of the report showing the summary of any open tabs for each till user.

Card Tips on Receipts

Kobas treats over-payments on card as tips. Enabling this function will show the amount on the receipt, thanking for the tip.

Dockets Reprint Time Frame

Previously, dockets were either set to reprint if a change was made to an order, or to not reprint at all – the setting up of which would require assistance from a Kobas engineer. Now this is something that can be set up in the venue manager. Along with turning the reprint feature on or off, you can also specify the time frame within which you would like the docket to be reprinted, if a change is made to an order, all the way up to 30 minutes.

In order to enable these features, all you need to do is go Administration > Venues > Venue Details > Sales & Marketing  for Compact ReceiptsOpen Tabs Summary, and Card Tips on Receipts, and Administration > Venues > Venue Details > Printers > Edit for the Dockets Reprint Time Frame.

This is all for now, but keep your eyes open – there’s more coming soon! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

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