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Tronc Weighting

James O'Sullivan
29 Sep 2014 3min read

Following some feedback from a number of customers that they would like to have the ability to reward some of their staff by giving the top performers a higher share of the venue’s tips, we’ve today launched the ability to weight each employee’s tip allocation.

Found on their full staff profile next to their core pay details, such as hourly rate and payroll number, you can now set what percentage of weighting their hours should carry:

Tronc Weighting

When the time comes to run your payroll, each member of staff’s hours are multiplied by their weighting to increase or decrease their share. You still pay the correct amount of tronc, it’s just allocated differently. Here’s an example:

  • After the amount you retain for processing, there is £1,000 to go around.
  • John is your top performer this week so his tronc is weighted at 200% for his 38 hours.
  • Overall there have been 500 staff hours worked this week.

Without weighting, John would have received (£1,000 / 500 hours) x 38 hours = £76.00
With his weighting, John receives (£1,000 / 538 hours) x 76 hours = £141.24

When you come to do the export of your hours and tronc, there’s a reminder of what weighting everyone is on, just in case something has been changed:

Tronc Weight 3

Tronc Weighting

KOBAS will take care of all manner of more complex weighting scenarios; you simply weight each employee and we’ll make sure they get the right tronc.

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