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The Enhanced Stock Usage Comparison Report

Neil Mukerji
17 Sep 2014 3min read

The Enhanced Stock Usage Comparison Report

Just last month we re-launched the Stock Usage Comparison Report, and since then we’ve received some seriously useful feedback that we just had to act upon. That’s something we love to do by the way: iterate on an idea until we’ve got it just right. So today we’ve released an exciting update for all of you who love to analyse exactly how your stock is being used.

See only what you want to see

The Stock Usage Comparison Report contains an awful lot of data. It starts with a Lead Type Breakdown, then onto a Category Breakdown. It used to then display a breakdown for all the ingredients inside all the categories that were included in the relevant stock checks, and that led to an incredible amount of data on a single web page.

Now the report only displays a category at a time. Typically the report is used first at lead type level, then categories are analysed. So when a particular category peaks your interest, you can simply click on the category name to see a full breakdown of its ingredient usage.


Having chosen an ingredient category, you can now choose which columns appear on the report.


Find out more about your units

You may now hover (or tap on a touch screen device) on any underlined figure to find out more about it.


Quickly see how your Actual Usage was calculated

The Actual Usage figure is derived from a number of factors. At its most basic it’s the quantity of an ingredient observed at the opening stock check, reduced by the quantity of ingredient observed at the closing stock check. Kobas also factors in the quantity of raw ingredient observed in any stock products, and factors in deliveries, transfers in and transfers out.

All this information can be analysed by clicking on any ingredient name.


This extra information means we have now deprecated the old Usage information found in Operations -> Manage Ingredients. The old link there will now take you to the Stock Usage Comparison Report; we thought it best to have all the information in one place.

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