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Simplifying Kobas user permissions

Daisy Lang
02 Feb 2016 3min read

About user permissions

If you’ve ever tried to set up a member of staff in Kobas Cloud, you’ll be familiar with the plethora of user permissions that can be granted, in any configuration imaginable. While defined user levels (such as GM or Bar Staff) can be set up, they act only as a template for an individual’s initial permission set and can be deviated from limitlessly on a per user basis.

While the current system may be powerful in terms of granularity and customisation, as your account grows it becomes harder and harder to keep tabs on everyone’s access, to remember how other staff are set up, and to make changes that apply to everyone at a particular user level. After a period of time your account can become chaotic in terms of who has or needs access to which sections of the application. Thus, our permissions and user levels project has come about.

What will change?

This work will significantly simplify the experience of setting up and managing your team of Kobas users, and will provide better control and security over their access over time. We’ll be moving to a system where someone’s user level controls the permission set they have granted, and no customisations can be made on a per user basis. Of course if you have one member of staff who needs a specialist set of permissions, you can create an appropriate user level and apply it to just them, but it’s more efficient and manageable if your user levels are applicable to groups of staff and allows you to maintain permissions for the level as whole.

This is a sizeable project for us that touches every aspect of Kobas and will be coming as a series of updates in the upcoming weeks. It also paves the way for us to better provide for our diverse and growing clients through new and improved support for regions, territories and franchises which will be coming down the line

What’s been released so far?

Today’s release kicks off this project with some initial changes to the selection of permissions that can be granted. We’ve worked hard to rationalise the permissions into a more concise and manageable set, saving you time and reducing complexity when setting up or managing your users.

We’ll be contacting clients to discuss the future switch from individual user permissions to standardised user levels and will assist in getting you ready to transition to the new system.

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