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Public Name Option for PLUs

Liz Longley
23 Oct 2017 3min read

Here at Kobas, we love creating features for our clients that can provide them with multiple benefits all bundled up in one. Our newest Public Facing Name option for PLUs is no different! This feature was designed to not only provide greater clarity when navigating your Kobas account and reports, but will also look great to your customers.

Previously, if you had multiple venues all with a unique Margarita drink recipe, this could get confusing. You may want to name them according to the venue, but that doesn’t always look great on a customer facing screen. You can now have one name for your PLU and how you will view it in the cloud, and another option to add a “Public Name”.

Where Can I Find This?

To set this up, simply navigate to EPoS > Item (PLU) Manager > Edit. Here you will find the new “Public Name” option.

If nothing is added to the Public Name section, the name of the PLU will be displayed both in cloud and EPoS as what is entered under “Name”.

We hope this feature will make things easier than ever. Check back soon to see what else we’ve been brewing!

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