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Permissions Update – Areas

Dan Gilligan
06 Sep 2017 3min read

This blog has unfortunately been rather neglected in recent weeks, but not for want of activity! As we mentioned in a post last month, our engineers have been hard at it to redevelop our permission structure.

Following on from this work, we’ve increased the scope of areas and regions, something that Kobas has nominally supported for some time. Up until now, adding territories to your Kobas account has added granular ordering to certain reports and emails, but this latest update is a major improvement to how these behave.

Home Venue Permissions

The permission structure in Kobas is based on a split between “Home Venue” and “All Venues”, allowing staff access to relevant information from their own venue, without seeing information from elsewhere, whilst superusers have access to everything. This works perfectly for smaller companies, but we recognise that this is less useful for larger groups, where area managers need access to all venues under their supervision.

We’re not ones for complications, so we’ve made things very easy to set up. We’ve kept the “Home Venue” and “All Venues” permissions as they are, but we’ve expanded the scope of what “Home Venue” means.

For normal users, this simply means the venue that they ‘belong’ to in Kobas.

For other users, this will apply to:

  • Any venue that they are the designated venue manager of.
  • Any venues within an area that they manage.
  • Any venue within a region that they manage.

How Does It Work?

In the example above, our user ‘belongs’ to General QA, but they are also the designated venue manager of the Head Office venue. This update ensures that the Daily Tasks > Closing Tasks Home Venue permission grants the user access to both venues.

Where Is This Used?

We’ve not quite finished applying these to every page in Kobas, but we don’t think that should stop you from getting value from it now. So here’s a list of each section that currently supports this new behaviour:

  • Daily Tasks
    • Opening Tasks
    • Closing Tasks
    • Safe Logs
    • Till Float Logs
    • Cash Logs
  • Rotas
  • Operations
    • Orders & Deliveries
    • Transfer Fulfilment
    • Stock Checks
  • Reports

We’ll be looking to add to this list in due course, but we highlighted these pages as being the most useful to get you started. If you’ve any questions about how to begin using these permissions, please get in touch at

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