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Other ways for your customers to pay

Chris Young
04 Jul 2016 3min read

The variety of ways that transactions can be made these days means that not every sale is a simple cash or card purchase. There has been a proliferation of online ordering services such as Deliveroo and Just Eat, and there are also plenty of less tech-driven ways transactions can be processed. Perhaps you accept payment from corporate accounts, or even the occasional cheque payment?

If your business utilises any of these methods, then today’s release will be great news. Following on from our recent work making it easier for deposits to be redeemed, we are now supporting the ability to process custom payment methods on your EPoS.

The option of having custom payment types provides flexibility in how payment for orders or tabs can be recorded on your tills. To get started, let us know what type of custom payments you would like, and we will set them up for you. From there, these methods can be entered through the new Other button on the Take Payment screen on your EPoS, just like you would a cash or card transaction.

The ability to process custom payment types through your EPoS gives you accuracy and confidence in your stock and payment reconciliation. All custom payment sales put through the till are uploaded to Cloud with the rest of your Till Z as part of your Closing Tasks cash declaration, and from there your Cash Logs will show a breakdown of revenue for each custom payment type.

Other payment types

We will be rolling out the Other Payment Types update to all our clients from today, so expect to see the new functionality in your venue over the course of the next week. For more information on how to use Other Payment Types on your EPoS, see our guide.

We know that this is something a lot of our clients have been eagerly anticipating, so if you would like us to set up custom payment types in your account please get in touch!

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