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Orders Update – Current Theoretical Stock

Dan Gilligan
15 Feb 2017 3min read

In the downtime between larger releases of our reservations project, we have been working to release bite-sized improvements that can make a big difference for our clients. Sometimes these changes can be slight enough that you might not immediately notice them, so today I’m going to quickly talk about a new update to the orders and deliveries page.

At first glance, nothing on this page has changed, but following some feedback from one of our clients, we have changed the figure that you see for “Receiving Venue’s Stock”. This figure used to show the units declared in the last stock check, but as was pointed out to us, as time passes, this figure becomes less and less useful.

To get around this, our client was opening the Orders and Deliveries page in one tab and the Stock Current Position report in another tab.

Now, if you have as many screens as our hardware guru, Rohan, then this might not be a problem, but we do appreciate that not everybody has!

As such, we’ve changed the old figure to a theoretical figure based on stock movement and sales, matching  your Stock Current Position report.

So, whilst this might not be the most exciting update of the year, hopefully this can save you some time and hassle. If there’s something that’s nagging you, please get in touch with our support team, as with product feedback from our clients we can consistently give Kobas that extra something to help you out.

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