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New training mode for your EPoS

Daisy Lang
12 Feb 2015 3min read

We’ve just launched a super useful new training mode for your EPoS, allowing you to till train your staff in a safe environment that will not impact your live venue operations.

Beyond training staff, you can also use training mode to test out things like menu changes and new discounts in each of your venues. These can be downloaded to the training mode on your EPoS without affecting your live sales.

Switching between live and training modes takes just a few seconds and can be restricted to only trusted EPoS users in each venue, ensuring quick and secure EPoS operations – as always!

Training has a distinctive red colour scheme, to avoid this mode being used by accident. However beyond that, it operates exactly as your live EPoS would and utilises all the menus and settings for your venue – giving you the most relevant environment in which to train your staff.

Check out our new help guide for more details.

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