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New Loyalty Scheme Report in Kobas Cloud

Daisy Lang
28 Oct 2015 3min read

We know many of you have been waiting patiently for this one, and believe us, we’re also extremely happy to be launching our brand new Loyalty Scheme Report in Kobas Cloud. This report allows you to glean invaluable insights into the growth and successes of your loyalty scheme – broken down by members, transactions and rewards.

The report can be run for any date range required and filtered by venue to see how one is performing in particular. The report can also be exported to view your per venue breakdowns side by side for comparison. Find it in the Reports section of KOBAS.


This section gives an overview of the people who have joined your loyalty scheme and can help track its growth. It provides information on how many people you have in each stage of the joining process and can provide a breakdown of any legacy loyalty customers that we’ve imported as well as those who have gone through the standard sign up process.


The transaction section of the report is designed to give you insight into the occasions where your customers have associated a loyalty card with their bill. We show you how many loyalty transactions have taken place, the average transaction value for a loyalty customer and how much revenue has been brought in by your loyalty customers. These figures are all presented versus their non-loyalty counterparts, so you can easily get a feel for the ratio of loyalty to non-loyalty transactions taking place, and whether on the whole, your loyalty customers spend more with you when they visit.


The rewards section of the report provides similar insight to that on transactions, but refers specifically to occasions when a loyalty customer redeems a reward voucher. You can access details on the number of reward transactions, average spend when a reward has been used and total revenue generated by rewards transactions. These figures are compared against all transactions when a reward was not redeemed, which includes transactions where a loyalty card has been associated with a bill (but without using a voucher).

You can view the above information for all your rewards clubbed together, or filter by one or more specific vouchers to see how they have performed comparatively – providing insight into your most successful (and unsuccessful!) rewards.

If you want to know more about the fully integrated Kobas loyalty offering, just drop us an email and we’ll be happy to talk you through it.

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