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New Kobas Features! v2013.6.0 Out Now…

Neil Mukerji
31 May 2013 3min read

We’ve just released an update to KOBAS focusing on our Reports section.


KOBAS Reports give you essential information about the performance of your business. You can’t improve what you don’t measure, so it’s important we present your vital business metrics clearly and quickly, whenever and wherever you need them.

That’s the benefit of a cloud based back of house management suite – you can have your finger on the pulse anytime, from anywhere.

We offer reports in all areas of your business:

  • Management reports
  • Front of House: Bookings
  • Front of House: Survey results and analysis
  • Front of House: Vouchering
  • Labour costs
  • Operations reports

You’ll find our new reports, unsurprisingly, in the ‘Reports’ tab – at the right end of the navigation bar next to ‘Administration’. So login to Kobas and analyse those reports – you never know what you’ll be able to spot that’ll improve your business!

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