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New in Cloud – Kobas Billing & Invoices

Daisy Lang
10 May 2016 3min read

Billing – never a friendly topic, but an important one nevertheless! We’ve introduced some new functionality to Kobas Cloud that helps you stay on top of things with your Kobas subscription.

Any user with the Administration > System and Financial Settings permission can now access a brand new Billing page in Cloud which details the invoicing history and status of the account. This can be found under the Administration menu and details all invoices raised, along with due dates, payment statuses and the ability to view and save any invoice for your records.

If an invoice is not settled within the 30 day payment terms it becomes overdue and a warning banner will appear in Cloud for all users with the aforementioned permission. We begin like this to ensure you are adequately notified of the situation and can arrange payment, but less senior users are not made aware of a late payment – avoiding any embarrassment or concern.

When an invoice is overdue, logging into Cloud will direct you straight to the new Billing page where you’ll be presented with a clear summary of your account status and easy access to view your overdue invoice and find details on how to make payment.

If a payment is not received, then your Cloud account will automatically lock, restricting access to all users. At this stage a warning banner will also appear on your EPoS units. The EPoS warning is visible to all staff, as we assume the appropriate people in your organisation have not logged in and seen the previous warnings in Cloud.

Finally, if a payment is still not received, your EPoS units will also lock. We appreciate the gravity of this outcome – it will only ever happen when all other ways forward have been attempted and repeated notice of your overdue invoice has been provided. The good news though is that as soon as any overdue invoices are settled, full service will reactivate within minutes.

In addition to the new billing section, you’ll continue to be alerted in the normal fashion when an invoice has been raised. For any queries about your invoices or billing in general, please contact


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