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Make Your Printers Work For You

Rohan Gaetani
15 Sep 2016 3min read

Printers. One of the most important, if not glamorous, pieces of hardware in your venue, which are often overlooked. But if configured correctly, printers can really increase the productivity and efficiency of your venue.

At Kobas we provide two different types of printers – thermal and impact. Thermal printers are fast and quiet, suitable for bar areas and for receipt printing, whereas Impact printers are quite loud, but also have the ability to print in multiple colours and utilise 2-3 ply paper, more suited to kitchen areas.

Layout and Location

The layout and location of your venues printers are very important to the flow of business. There is no point in having a printer hiding in a corner on the other side of the venue, where waiters have to put on their hiking boots to retrieve a check or receipt; a nice accessible location is key.

A single till location might only need one printer for both work orders and receipts, and it will probably be sitting right next to the till itself. On the other hand, a larger venue might have three tills in its bar and two in its front-of-house area, so a more spread out placement will be required.

Our thermal printers support both USB and LAN connections, meaning that they can be adjusted to suit your needs. Having the printers configured on LAN allows for easy movement or relocation, if you decide on a better location; all you need is a power outlet and Ethernet point (sorry, no Wi-Fi yet!). Clearly thinking out your printer’s placement is vital and something that should be taken seriously.

Just ask your staff for input, they are the ones dealing with it daily!

Printer roles or purposes

Printers are often assigned specific roles or purposes and can be fully configured in Kobas Cloud, so that you can set up your printing exactly how you want it. For example, if you have a printer which is close to your coffee machine specifically for coffee orders, it is as simple as assigning all coffee-related PLUs to that printer, thus ensuring coffee orders from any device go straight to your Barista!

Thermal printers can also double up as a receipt or kitchen printer. In the printer’s cloud settings, just tick the appropriate box in the Kobas cloud and assign it PLUs and away you go. Remember to also make use of the “Description” field so you can easily track exactly what your printer is used for.


Care & Troubleshooting

As with all hardware, it is unfortunately likely that you will encounter an issue at some point. Certain hardware malfunctions are often unavoidable, but taking care of your printers will help extend their already robust lifespan.

Keeping them clean, regularly emptying any paper clippings which may have built up and only using good quality paper/ribbons will do a great deal to prevent sudden jams or breakdowns during service. Printers themselves do a pretty good job of telling you what’s wrong with them, so if your printer stops working you generally have a good idea as to why, but here are some basic steps you can follow to try and bring it back to life.

  • Ensure the printer is powered on. Power it off for 10 seconds and then on again for good measure.
  • Check for paper jams or paper outages.
  • Discover if it is using USB or LAN, and ensure the cable is connected to the printer and till/wall correctly.
  • If it is a USB printer, check that the till it is connected to is powered on and the EPoS is running correctly.
  • Close and reload the EPoS for good measure.

That’s all for now, hopefully you now have some more insight in to the world of printing. Any questions? Please contact and one of our printer experts will be happy to help!


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