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Ingredient Importers

Dan Gilligan
26 Feb 2020 3min read

Imagine a world where you could upload dozens of brand-new PLUs into your EPoS System and have those new items instantly start recording usage and costings in your stock control system. For Kobas users, there is no longer any need to imagine.

After closing a stock-focused year with the release of our brand-new EPoS Menu manager, 2020 has kicked off with the release of two closely-related importers, giving power-users the tools with which to administrate the stock in their business with ever great speed and accuracy.

Ingredient Importer

Building upon an internal tool used by Kobas Client Services, our engineers have built a nifty tool that allows CSV upload of not just your ingredients, but also any related PLUs. Of course, there are some caveats here: namely, PLUs cannot be uploaded without a related ingredient, nor can these PLUs have more than a single ingredient.

This new feature is designed with operators who are rotating lines very often: think “Craft Beer Pub” or “Wine Bar”. With new stock coming in each week, no one wants to be creating an ingredient for a new keg of beer, as well as three PLUs for Pint, Half Pint, and Schooner. Luckily, this is no longer necessary. By filling out the CSV template, Kobas users can add an ingredient, its prices and details, and any corresponding PLUs.

Once uploaded, our servers will scan the file to make sure everything is correct, before creating all of the items in seconds. Simple!

To make things even easier, we’ve pre-loaded accounts with some set measurements. So, Kobas knows that a “Pint” is 568ml. Similarly, it knows a wine bottle is 750ml, along with many more. If you want to add some bespoke measurements, get in touch with our helpful support team.

Pricing Administration

The next item on the agenda – though it was actually released first – is the price updater. This page is visually similar to the ingredient importer, but rather than creating new ingredients it will update your existing ones.

Download a CSV of all the ingredients in your account and then fill out new prices for anything that needs to change. Re-upload the file and Kobas will automatically update the prices. You can even schedule the changes if you’d like, so if your supplier is changing their price sheet, you can get ahead of the game.

That’s everything for today, but we have a very large announcement on the horizon. So, keep your eyes peeled!

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