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Improved stock control with our new predictive ordering beta

Daisy Lang
12 Oct 2015 3min read

We know how costly it can be to your business to run out of vital stock items, or to over-order and end up wasting stock. In order to help your venue staff get it right every time, we’ve just released our new and improved predictive ordering system.

To get going with predictive ordering, you simply need to ensure you have sales predictions entered into your rotas for the relevant period, and then when you place your order, enter the number of days your stock needs to last. Behind the scenes, Kobas will then asses your current stock levels and when you are due to receive the delivery, as well as historical and predicted sales, to generate suggestions on how much stock you should order to see you through the period.

You can clear all the suggestions if you’d prefer not to work this way and can override any individual suggestions as you see fit.

Stock order predictions

This feature is in beta right now, so please do review the suggestions in detail before submitting your order. We’re also requesting feedback on the accuracy of our predictions once the order has been placed, which will help us to further improve the prediction engine.

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