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GDPR: Staff Personal Details

Dan Gilligan
06 Mar 2018 3min read

Throughout the beginning of this year, we will be maintaining updates on our work behind the scenes to ensure readiness for compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation that is introduced on May 25th 2018.

Today, I’m happy to announce the latest instalment of that work, which not only ensures compliance with the new laws, but also provides a nifty feature for all of our users.

The Law

“Individuals have the right to access their personal data and supplementary information.”

Information Commissioner’s Office

The above quote, taken from the ICO’s website, means that in accordance with the rights to access and rectification, all Kobas Cloud users have the legal right to access the personal data that is held on them. All users also have the right to access administrative information that is held against them, such as holiday records, sickness, lateness and absence logs.


All of this information is currently held in the staff profile section of Kobas Cloud. However, this is hidden behind permissions that not all users possess. We’ve therefore added a new Personal Details section to the Kobas Cloud homepage that allows users to instantly access their details and ensure all is correct.

All users will see the above set of buttons immediately after logging into Kobas. Selecting Personal Details will display all the information Kobas holds. Instead of being tied to permissions, the information is displayed according to the user’s session. This means that staff will always be able to see their own data, regardless of user level, and will never be able to see any one else’s.

Data – Personal Details

Personal Details
Click the image to enlarge

Click the image to enlarge

Once Personal Details have been selected, the user will see a breakdown of their own personal and contact details, their next of kin details, and bank details; bank details are afforded an extra layer of security and are hidden behind a clickable link. The app will also display all holiday owed and taken in the current period, as well as any logs on absence or lateness. A separate section details all holiday and absences recorded in previous holiday periods stored in Kobas.

As the screenshots show, this new section boasts responsive design that renders perfectly cross-platform. This means that whether on smartphone, tablet, or desktop, users will be able to review their details with ease.

That’s everything for today, but we’ve a number of updates to push out over the coming week. So, be sure to keep an ear to the ground.

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